DEAR DIARY … JULY 23, 24, 1961


DEAR DIARY … JULY 23, 24, 1961


Dear Diary,

I went to Buffalo Lake.

We stayed a long time.

When we came home I played.

B, H, & V came over (aunt, uncle, cousin)


Dear Diary,

I went to town with B (aunt)

I went to the library.

I played.

We showed flim (home movie film) to B & H & V (aunt, uncle, & cousin)


Buffalo Lake is a fairly big lake, close to the city. There were actual buffalo there, too. We’d go for picnics, and some fishing, and one of my aunts and uncles had a cabin there. Occasionally we’d stay over night. I think this time we just stayed the day, and I remember we cut cattails to take home.

The library was one of my favorite places to go. At the time, it was the only one in town. When you first walked in, you could smell that certain aroma of books. I’d check out as many as I could. I couldn’t wait to get my grown-up library card. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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