DEAR DIARY … JULY 12, 1961


DEAR DIARY … JULY 12, 1961


Dear Diary,

We came home.

I went to bed.


We had a wonderful trip/vacation to visit our relatives in Boise, Idaho. I don’t really remember the travelling coming back home, except the last little bit, or the last few miles. I remember it was night time when we got back to Texas. We had fun, but there is just some kind of feeling you get when you get close to home. I don’t know if it is this way for others, but I’ve always been aware of what they call Texas Pride.

It doesn’t matter where you’d been, or for how long you were away, but the moment you cross into Texas, you get this surge of, I don’t know…relief…maybe, that you’re back where you belong. Anyway, it was dark night, the stars were shining brilliantly, and we were going down the highway, singing all the songs about Texas that we could think of. Then, as we got closer to our home town, we could see the city lights spread out in front of us. Such a wonderful feeling.

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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  1. I was born in Chicago. We moved when I was 5. We went back at least 2 times a year & my dad brought my grandparents back to visit MN. Even though we moved when I was little nothing ever feels the same.


  2. That is interesting, Misty. We never moved at all, and barely ever went on a vacation to anywhere. But, it is funny how when you come back from a place, things seem a bit different, until you get used to it again.


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