DEAR DIARY … JULY 6 & 7, 1961


DEAR DIARY …JULY 6 & 7, 1961


Dear Diary,

I played.

We ate outside.


I played.

We ate outside.


Well, looks like I wrote the same thing both days. I’m sure we had fun playing, but I wish I’d written what it was. And, I don’t remember eating outside, but guess we did. I do remember one thing we ate while we were at one of my aunt’s houses (there were two sets of aunts, uncles, and cousins living in Boise, Idaho). What we were served for breakfast was a cantelope melon. Now, I’d had this before, but not like this time. My aunt just cut several of them in half, giving each person their own half to scoop out the melon pieces, and they did not peel it. Before, I’d always had them peeled and cut into slices. Also, I think this was the first time I’d had one for the breakfast meal. We’d only had them as a dessert after supper. So, this was an entirely new experience, for me…and I loved it!

I did try to look at my old VHS family movie films…but for some reason the VCR wouldn’t work. I was going to take a screen shot of something to add on here, but… maybe I can figure out how to play it later on.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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