This week on Share Your World, Cee presented us with four sentences to complete. We could even make it fictional, if we wanted. Her blog can be found at

1. (true) Never in my life have I … been able to sing in tune. I guess that is just not one of the things I can’t do. I sing all the time…to my cats 🙂 They never complain, either, but probably want to.

2. (true) My neighbor wants me to help her… make and decorate Christmas cookies. I did this, and it was lots of fun. I love to decorate cakes and cookies. We made a bunch of them that day. Yum!

3. (true) When I was little I wanted … to be an archeologist. I’ve always had a fascination with old and ancient things. I wanted to go dig up stuff, like bones and relics of the past. I would find bones and skeletons of small animals, rodents, etc. and gather them up and try to put them back together. Some may think that is creepy, but not me. I love anything creepy and weird, even today.

4. (true) Will you come here to… help me organize all my things? I did finally straighten up my closet (big job), but I have lots of those plastic bins and drawers crammed full of things I plan on scrapbooking. But, getting it organized is overwhelming, so I just look at it, and stuff more in there, saying…one of these days…

So, that was fun. Can’t wait until the next Share Your World topic! 🙂


Peace }I{

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  1. Hi, Joseph! Thanks for visiting here and your comment. That must be a dream come true for your friend, to go to Israel on a dig. I’m sure he will be enjoying every minute of his trip. 🙂

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