Nothing, nothing, nothing will come

It’s driving me batty…I’ve come undone

My inner critic is laughing, it’s true

But really and truly, I’m feeling blue

No verses, no prose, not even a pun

Who ever said that writing is fun?

My mind is full of tripe and nonsense

The words are there, but they make me wince

I string them together by one and twos

Then scratch them out, too scattered to choose

How many days must this go on?

The more I try, the more I’m alone

My muse, I think, has gone on vacation

Leaving me here with no inspiration

Can’t focus on anything…my thoughts on the run

And until I catch them, the race is not done

So, now I continue to sit on the fence

Which leaves me feeling frustrated and tense

Hey, wait…wait just a darn minute

A break in the clouds…I think I’m still in it

I have an idea, and it may be silly

But, no matter the trail be rocky and hilly

I’ll give it a try…see where it leads

Thread words together, like string through the beads


Peace }I{

5 responses »

  1. It’s enough to make you scream sometimes…the more I try to force the words/thoughts, the more I go blank. Hopefully days like that don’t stay around too long! Thanks, Nicole, for visiting and your comment!

  2. You are inspiring. So inspiring. I would love to ask a million questions.
    You are so open! That is rare! That is a gift! I am so honored to know you! Truly!

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