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Hey, y’all! (typical way to say hello where I’m from) 🙂

Just wanted to post this picture I drew recently. It is one of my Zentangle and ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) … It’s lots of fun to do. I’ve done this type of drawing for years, but not long ago found it was actually called something specific.  ( I think if you click on it, it will enlarge.

I had trouble finding it on my computer. I’d taken the picture on my camera, then transferred it (among others) to the computer files…then couldn’t find it! I’ve spent hours looking, and trying different things, until finally did find it in a totally different place than in my picture files. Crazy, right? …Well, that’s how it goes with me and technology…trial and error for the most part.

So, I don’t know what to do next on this here blog. I made it through the A to Z Challenge, and I’ve done all these random catagories, as you know, and still plan on adding more to those, at some point. I have a few more of the true ghost stories, but until I remember more instances of weird things happening, I need to do other things. I have a few ideas.

I could post some of my art…besides Zentangle, I do acrylic paintings.

I will be doing more poems, whenever I can (read…whenever I can think one up) 🙂

I may post a year of my diary entries from when I was 10 years old… some are pretty funny ( I did that once on FB) and yes, I’ve been writing stuff for years and years. 🙂

I kind of want to do those Daily Post prompts, too. I read what other bloggers have done, and stories always come to mind that I could tell, but haven’t yet.

Anyway, what do y’all think? What do you like to read on here? I’d be happy to hear any suggestions you may have. 🙂

I’ll, wish y’all a happy, peaceful day with lots of love and laughter! 🙂

Peace ~ }i{ …(that’s supposed to be a butterfly)



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  1. Hi there, I love the art! I have done the same thing for years too. I did them while recovering from my back surgery to help take my mind away from the pain. Amazing painkiller! I have an app and now do them on my iPad. I will post some on Facebook. I have also colored them. That’s fun too. If you haven’t colored any, copy an old one and give it a try. It is fun to see my old art come to new life.

    To answer your question on future topics, keep up what you are doing but please do keep sharing bits about you. It is great to feel connected and see how much we have in common. I never knew what a gem I had next door! (I was coming out of my young and dumb stage 😉 ).


  2. Hey, Kelly! That’s awesome that you’ve done Zentangle too! I haven’t colored any yet, but will try that now. There is a group on FB that shows peoples artwork, and gives patterns and tips. Can’t wait to see some of yours! Thanks for the suggestions…I like reading more personal blog posts, too, so I should include more of that. Yeah, wish you still lived next door, too. And those years you were very busy with your nursing degree! Guess we’ll just have to catch up with our interests in common now! 🙂 xo


  3. Thanks, Misty! It is fun to do this Zentangle art. Supposed to be calming, zen, and there are all different patterns to try. The cool thing is that there are no mistakes…just let it flow however it turns out. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and the comment!!

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  4. Hi, Misty…yes just a blank paper (I just got a little artist notebook) and a fine pt. ink pen (I used Faber Castell PITT artist pen) on this. But, I did lots of others on just notebook paper and ballpoint pen, to kind of get the hang of doing them. There are lots of websites about Zentangle, and one for some patterns is … I’m not all that great about following them, so mine are a mix of made up ones and some I’ve looked at. It’s relaxing and fun to just let your pen flow into whatever shapes you feel like doing. 🙂


    • I reblogged your art piece cause I thought more people would see it. I hope it doesn’t show that it’s mine. Not my intention.


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