When you close your eyes forever,

Do they sink into your skull?

Do you make believe you’re still alive,

Or is it rather dull?

Does your soul go wandering here and there,

Does it visit peaceful places?

Does it gather with the ghostly dead,

And see familiar faces?

Do you zoom around the universe

Asking questions far and wide,

Or do you lurk in closets,

Forever more to hide?

Does your skeleton do dances,

Under the midnight moon, or

Do those rattling bones of yours

Make mortal beings swoon?

Your flesh does slowly turn to dust,

Your Earthly body finished.

It goes the way of all that lived, but

Your Soul is not diminished.


Peace }I{

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    • Hi, LBETH, thank you for the follow, also! Glad you enjoyed the poem. I saw your guest post over on Cordelia’s Mom, Still, (Southern Fried Crazy). It was a wonderful post, and the pictures were great. Being from TX I can certainly relate to what you wrote about! Thanks again for visiting here! 🙂

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