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I ran across this interesting blog the other day. The blogger puts different challenges on for people to participate in. The one I wanted to do today is called “Share Your World” and can be found at … Every week there is a new prompt. This is the first one I will be doing. The prompt had a list of several topics to choose from…you could pick four, and then list four things related to these that you like. It is just a fun way to get to know more about each other, and find some new blogs to read. I like that idea. 🙂

Here are the topics I chose to respond to …


I love all kinds of music, so it was hard to choose only four, but for today I’ll say…

Amie by Pure Prairie League

High Enough by Damn Yankees

Lola Montez by Volbeat

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Then I listen to the Eagles songs pretty much every day, because…the Eagles! Also, I like the Steve Miller Band songs.



I’d love to have a whole wall done in chalkboard…that way I could write and draw on the wall, and change it whenever I wanted. (I have a thing since I was a kid about writing on the walls…actually got in trouble for it 😉

An indoor atrium/patio with lots of plants and tropical things.

One of those clay type fire pit that you burn wood in…called a chiminea.

I would love to have a huge covered, wooden porch, with an old fashioned porch swing.



My grandchildren. They are so funny in the things they say and do.

My cats…always cute and silly.

Typos and bloopers in newspapers, or on signs…they crack me up every time.

“I Love Lucy” television show. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, I always laugh.








So, that’s the list I did. Hope you enjoyed reading some of the things I like!


Peace! }I{




Nothing, nothing, nothing will come

It’s driving me batty…I’ve come undone

My inner critic is laughing, it’s true

But really and truly, I’m feeling blue

No verses, no prose, not even a pun

Who ever said that writing is fun?

My mind is full of tripe and nonsense

The words are there, but they make me wince

I string them together by one and twos

Then scratch them out, too scattered to choose

How many days must this go on?

The more I try, the more I’m alone

My muse, I think, has gone on vacation

Leaving me here with no inspiration

Can’t focus on anything…my thoughts on the run

And until I catch them, the race is not done

So, now I continue to sit on the fence

Which leaves me feeling frustrated and tense

Hey, wait…wait just a darn minute

A break in the clouds…I think I’m still in it

I have an idea, and it may be silly

But, no matter the trail be rocky and hilly

I’ll give it a try…see where it leads

Thread words together, like string through the beads


Peace }I{



ART AND MORE PLANSzentangles and MO and misc 034

Hey, y’all! (typical way to say hello where I’m from) 🙂

Just wanted to post this picture I drew recently. It is one of my Zentangle and ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) … It’s lots of fun to do. I’ve done this type of drawing for years, but not long ago found it was actually called something specific.  ( I think if you click on it, it will enlarge.

I had trouble finding it on my computer. I’d taken the picture on my camera, then transferred it (among others) to the computer files…then couldn’t find it! I’ve spent hours looking, and trying different things, until finally did find it in a totally different place than in my picture files. Crazy, right? …Well, that’s how it goes with me and technology…trial and error for the most part.

So, I don’t know what to do next on this here blog. I made it through the A to Z Challenge, and I’ve done all these random catagories, as you know, and still plan on adding more to those, at some point. I have a few more of the true ghost stories, but until I remember more instances of weird things happening, I need to do other things. I have a few ideas.

I could post some of my art…besides Zentangle, I do acrylic paintings.

I will be doing more poems, whenever I can (read…whenever I can think one up) 🙂

I may post a year of my diary entries from when I was 10 years old… some are pretty funny ( I did that once on FB) and yes, I’ve been writing stuff for years and years. 🙂

I kind of want to do those Daily Post prompts, too. I read what other bloggers have done, and stories always come to mind that I could tell, but haven’t yet.

Anyway, what do y’all think? What do you like to read on here? I’d be happy to hear any suggestions you may have. 🙂

I’ll, wish y’all a happy, peaceful day with lots of love and laughter! 🙂

Peace ~ }i{ …(that’s supposed to be a butterfly)






When you close your eyes forever,

Do they sink into your skull?

Do you make believe you’re still alive,

Or is it rather dull?

Does your soul go wandering here and there,

Does it visit peaceful places?

Does it gather with the ghostly dead,

And see familiar faces?

Do you zoom around the universe

Asking questions far and wide,

Or do you lurk in closets,

Forever more to hide?

Does your skeleton do dances,

Under the midnight moon, or

Do those rattling bones of yours

Make mortal beings swoon?

Your flesh does slowly turn to dust,

Your Earthly body finished.

It goes the way of all that lived, but

Your Soul is not diminished.


Peace }I{



A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE … REFLECTIONA-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+Lg


Today’s post is to take the time to look back at the past month of blogging with the A to Z Blog CHALLENGE


This was the second year I’ve participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Here’s what I found I did different, between them both.

2014 – I posted on both my blogs, every day, every letter, in turn.

2015 – I posted on only one blog, every day, every letter, in turn.

2014 – I wrote about random subjects. They were just things I found interesting, that corresponded to the letter of the day.

2015 – I decided to go with a certain theme for the whole month, and stayed true to it.

2014 – I didn’t plan ahead by very much, for each entry. I had a few scribbles of ideas for each post, but typed up the final result the morning of the day it was supposed to appear.

2015 – I looked up all the words I planned on using for the definitions, first, then wrote a funny sentence using that word, then seeing what the real definition was. All words were those I did not know the meaning of beforehand. I was really surprised at some of them, too. I also wrote it all down on paper, before the challenge began. I only changed a few of the planned words, as I went along.

2014- Doing the random posts, mostly unplanned, plus finding pictures, and adding links, took up a lot of time.

2015 – Having it all planned out early, actually only a few days early, was much easier, and I did not add pictures, or links.

2014 – I’d only heard of the challenge a day or so before signing up, and starting my posts.

2015 – Having done the challenge in 2014, I’d heard others say it was good to plan ahead, and possibly/but, not necessary, to go with a selected theme.

2014 – I did enjoy the whole experience of posting a blog entry every day. It was exciting to see if I could actually do this. Maybe I was a bit overly ambitious to do this on both blogs, but this was a challenge I felt up to.

2015 – This year I had fun doing the Daffy Definitions, making up the sentences, and learning some new words. However, I didn’t get that thrill of excitement, like I did with the completely random, seat of my pants blogging, as I did in 2014. I think I must thrive on chaos, disorganization, and doing things at the last minute…writing included. The more regimented way of pre-planning my theme, just wasn’t my style, at all.

I’m very proud of the way it all turned out…that I did finish the challenge, and am not in any way disappointed with my entries. I do plan on doing the challenge again, next April, but will most likely go back to a more random, whatever catches my interest type posting, though.

2014 – I completed the challenge… Yay!

2015 – I completed the challenge… Yay!

With all that said, that was a lot of “I did this, I wrote that:, etc. It’s the truth, I love to write, but without anyone to read it, I’d just be writing to myself. So, really…it’s mostly about YOU…all the wonderful, kind, readers that I write for. Everyone who took the time to visit my blog, to like the offerings that were presented each day, and to follow if you wanted to, and to all of you who left a comment…thank you so very much.

Hopefully my future, and former, posts will continue to give you a bit of entertainment.

I didn’t get to visit as many other blogs as I’d wanted to, so will try to do this in the coming days.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Arlee Bird, for founding the A to Z Blog Challenge. Without it, none of this would be possible. Thanks also, to the co-hosts, minions, and volunteers, who did so much, to make this year’s challenge a huge success.

Until next year… Happy Blogging! Peace 🙂survivor-atoz [2015] - 2