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Daffy Definition = zymurgy – A highway zone merging lane.

Sentence = Charles maneuvered his truck into the zymurgy lane, so he could drive on the freeway.

Real Definition = A branch of applied chemistry that deals with fermentation processes.


Daffy Definition = zooks – People who have passion and a zeal for cooking and the culinary arts.

Sentence = Of all the zooks in the culinary class, Marie took her zeal for cooking to a higher level, annoying everyone.

Real Definition = A word used as a mild oath.


Daffy Definition = zein – Any congregation of people who are sleeping, or pseudo sleeping in public, to further a cause; a sleep-in; also known as a zzz-in.

Sentence = Approximately one hundred people, dressed in pajamas, showed up in the town square for the zzz-in (zein).

Real Definition = A genus of grasses, including Indian corn; a protein from Indian corn, that lacks lysine and tryptophan, and is used esp. in making textile fibers, plastics, printing inks, coatings (as varnish), and adhesives and sizes.


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