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Daffy Definition = wedeln – A style of walking, such as a baby duck; taking steps smaller than a waddle.

Sentence – The ducklings lined up behind mama duck, and followed her with their funny little wedeln.

Real Definition = A style of skiing in which a skier moves the rear of the skis quickly from side to side while following the fall line.


Daffy Definition = wergild – A members only club for werewolves.

Sentence = To be a full-fledged member of the exclusive wergild, you first have to prove you are really a werewolf.

Real Definition = The value set in Anglo-Saxon and Germanic law upon the life of a man in accordance with his rank and paid as compensation to the kindred or lord of a slain person.


Daffy Definition = welter – A small device made of tin, with flaps for communication with aliens from other planets.

Sentence = I dreamed the aliens gave me instructions on how to build/invent the welter.

Real Definition = Writhe, toss, wallow; to rise and fall or toss about in or with waves; to become deeply sunk, soaked, or involved; to be in turmoil.


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