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Daffy Definition = skirl – The occurrence of a woman’s skirt being swirled up by a gust of wind.

Sentence = As her skirt began to skirl, Janet regretted wearing it on such a windy day.

Real Definition = To sound loudly; a high shrill sound produced by the chanter of a bagpipe; to give forth music on the bagpipe.


Daffy Definition = sovkhoz – The broadcast radio frequency channel used by aliens.

Sentence = The Very Large Array, in New Mexico, picked up signals from Mars on the sovkhoz.

Real Definition = A state-owned farm of the U.S.S.R. paying wages to the workers.


Daffy Definition = strobilation – The flashing disco lighting used in a night club.

Sentence = The dancers were awed by the club’s strobilation effect.

Real Definition = Asexual reproduction by transverse division of the body into segments which develop into separate individuals, zooids, or proglottids in many coelenterates, and worms, such as the segmented body of a tapeworm.


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