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Daffy Definition = rampion – The winner of a sheep showing competition (male); champion ram.

Sentence = Holding the big, blue ribbon, Patty posed for pictures with her rampion.

Real Definition = A European bellflower with a tuberous root used with the leaves in salad.


Daffy Definition = rubidium – To regret your bid at an auction.

Sentence = Don was in deep rubidium, after he paid too much for the wood carving of a bear.

Real Definition = A soft, silvery metallic element that decomposes water with violence and bursts into flame spontaneously in air.


Daffy Definition = ratiocinate/ratiocinated – The act of rationalizing the setting fire to something; incinerate.

Sentence = Gina failed her math exam, so she ratiocinated her test paper, believing it was the right thing to do.

Real Definition = Reason; reasoning; a reasoned train of thought.


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