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Daffy Definition = quadraphony – The noise you hear in a restaurant, when many people are having conversations.

Sentence = The quadraphony in the popular restaurant was so loud, Connie’s ears were buzzing.

Real Definition = The transmission, recording, or reproduction of sound by techniques that utilize four transmission channels.


Daffy Definition = qualmish – A breakfast cereal, served hot.

Sentence = Every morning, Timmy added raisins, brown sugar, and cream, to his bowl of qualmish.

Real Definition = Feeling qualms; nauseated; overly scrupulous; squeamish; of, relating to, or producing qualms.


Daffy Definition = quidnunc – The name of the most famous sled dog in history.

Sentence = As winner of many sled dog races, Quidnunc was in high demand for stud service.

Real Definition = One who seeks to know all the latest news or gossip; a busybody.


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    • Thanks, Elizabethdelisi…glad you’re enjoying the daffy definitions. I had fun looking up new words, and maybe I’ll remember them later on (more likely to remember the silly definitions, though) 😉 Have a great week!

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