I’ve been doing some planning and practicing, lately.

The A to Z Blog Challenge begins on April 1st. This is a month long writing challenge. Every day, except Sunday, the participants will blog something that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The choice of subject is as varied as there are bloggers. Some write randomly, and some pick a certain theme to follow during the month.

I did this on both my blogs last year; all were random posts. This year I do have a theme, and will be only on this one blog.

The theme, or subject I’ll be writing about, is word definitions. I’m calling it ‘Daffy Definitions’. I found words in the dictionary that I didn’t know the meaning of, then made up a definition for it, before looking at the true one.

Some of these turned out to be pretty silly. Then, I wrote a sentence, using the word.

At the end, I did write down the actual, true meaning/definition of the chosen word.

So, with a bit of humor included, I hope you’ll enjoy my Daffy Definitions, and even a new word you may not have known about, like I did.

That’s what I’ve been planning to do, and getting it all in order for the first day of the challenge.

As for the practicing…I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and so far it’s fun, but harder than it looks. I’ve practiced a lot, and now have my fingers getting used to pressing the strings, so it doesn’t hurt as much. Yay! Someday I hope to actually play a song.


Thank you for visiting! Peace 🙂504

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