According to Wikipedia, an OBE Out-Of-Body Experience is the sensation of floating outside of your body, and being able to see yourself from outside your physical being.

It can also be called astral travel, astral projection, spirit walking, or soul travel.

OBEs can be spontaneous, or induced, by way of illness, trauma, near death, drug use, dehydration, electrical pulses in the brain, and meditation.

Some people report feeling vibrations, hearing a rushing, buzzing noise, a heavy body feeling, and sleep paralysis, before they have an OBE.

For me, I’ve experienced them off and on since I was a baby. I know one of my first memories of all, was of floating near the ceiling of the room, watching myself in the baby crib. I was standing up, holding onto the top rail, and crying to get out.


My Ghost Painting

Later on, through my childhood, I would have these strange feelings. It was like IĀ  had a very heavy head, and it was scary. I had no idea what caused it, but I didn’t like it. My hands would be heavy, and I’d get these inside vibrations, a kind of electrical tingly sensation, throughout. I just called them the ‘shakes’.

I’d be afraid of going to bed at night, because that’s when the floating feeling would happen. I never saw myself going anywhere, such as another room, or out of the house. I’ve read that others can do this, and they try to make it happen, through deep meditation. For me, no, I don’t want to, but I have no control over when it occurs. I would guess these that I have are the spontaneous kind, as I’ve never tried to make it happen.

It feels weird to have yourself out of your body. Maybe it’s your soul that has come out to roam around. Anyway, it feels creepy, to me…to be separated, and looking down at myself. My actual body cannot move…it is asleep, I would suppose, and I always was afraid I’d not get back in. But, so far I have.

No one has ever said if they could see me when I was floating around. I wonder what that would look like? Would I be a ghostly apparition? I don’t know. I’ve never read, or heard of anyone seeing an out-of-body soul, just a regular person who seems to be asleep.

Maybe the person left behind on the bed, just thinks they are dreaming, and when they wake up, they don’t remember the floating above part.

Well, it’s all a bit mysterious to me. There’s lots of scientific theories and conjectures to this strange state of being, but whatever it is, and whatever the cause of it, I know it’s possible, and real.

I’ve had OBEs…have you?


Thanks for stopping by! šŸ™‚

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  1. I had one experience while I was sleeping.
    And I became a ball of light. I flew really fast around my apartment. It was warm & lit all the rooms like a candle. I wish I could experience it over & over. I would get the stomach rush that you would from a roller coaster!
    Awesome to read you!


  2. Wow, that is some experience you had! Did it just come spontaneously or did you try to make it happen? It’s too weird of a feeling for me to want to do it again!


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