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I’ve been doing some planning and practicing, lately.

The A to Z Blog Challenge begins on April 1st. This is a month long writing challenge. Every day, except Sunday, the participants will blog something that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The choice of subject is as varied as there are bloggers. Some write randomly, and some pick a certain theme to follow during the month.

I did this on both my blogs last year; all were random posts. This year I do have a theme, and will be only on this one blog.

The theme, or subject I’ll be writing about, is word definitions. I’m calling it ‘Daffy Definitions’. I found words in the dictionary that I didn’t know the meaning of, then made up a definition for it, before looking at the true one.

Some of these turned out to be pretty silly. Then, I wrote a sentence, using the word.

At the end, I did write down the actual, true meaning/definition of the chosen word.

So, with a bit of humor included, I hope you’ll enjoy my Daffy Definitions, and even a new word you may not have known about, like I did.

That’s what I’ve been planning to do, and getting it all in order for the first day of the challenge.

As for the practicing…I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and so far it’s fun, but harder than it looks. I’ve practiced a lot, and now have my fingers getting used to pressing the strings, so it doesn’t hurt as much. Yay! Someday I hope to actually play a song.


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A to Z Blog Challenge – A


A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0A to Z Blog Challenge – A

Today begins the 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge.  I did the challenge last year, and it was lots of fun. I managed to post an entry every day (except Sundays) for the whole month of April. I did this on both my blogs, and they were all random subjects. Each day of the month you use a letter of the alphabet, writing about something that begins with that letter, from A to Z.

This year I will only do this blog, and I will have a theme. My theme will be called DAFFY DEFINITIONS. Here’s how it will go… I pick out a word I don’t know the definition of, from the dictionary. I will make up a definition for that word, and then write a sentence using that. Then, I will give the correct definition. Sounded like a good idea, to learn some new words, and also have a laugh at the same time.

So, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.


Word = Augury

Daffy Definition = A special studio where people come to do their arguing

Sentence = Betty and Tom rented a room at the augury for $250 an hour. Even though they argued and shouted, they settled their differences.

Real Definition = augur/augury…an official diviner from ancient Rome, one held to foretell events by omens, to predict the future, esp. from omens, a divination from omens or portents or from chance events


Word = Adumbrate

Daffy Definition = A two-decker cart on wheels, used to bring food to customer’s tables, in a fancy restaurant…a dumbwaiter on wheels

Sentence = Stella had pushed that adumbrate 5,000 miles in the course of her employment at the restaurant.

Real Definition = to foreshadow vaguely, to give a sketchy representation or outline of, to overshadow or obscure


Word = Astrakhan

Daffy Definition = An early astronaut from back in the days of Genghis Khan

Sentence = Unearthing artifacts from the Mongolian desert, archeologists found evidence of the first astrakhans.

Real Definition = A cloth made from wool that is of curled and looped pile resembling karakul (a breed of sheep)


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This poem I wrote back in 2003 has been on my mind for awhile. It was twelve years ago, at the end of March, and the beginning of April, when U.S. forces were advancing on Baghdad, Iraq. I heard a news reporter say they were 19 miles away, and the *Battle of Baghdad would begin in earnest.


19 miles to Baghdad

and I don’t feel so all alone…

Sometimes I get to talk to you,

Via the video-phone.

19 miles to Baghdad, and

I’m writing you this postcard,

Just to take away the fear…

Actually, it’s not so hard.

19 Miles to Baghdad, and

One thing I’ll never hear,

Is G.I.s writing home to say,

Wish you were here.

19 Miles to Baghdad, and

This I’m proud to say…

We’re over here protecting you all,

in the whole U. S. A.


As blossoms bouquet

A smell of dirty, red wind

Immense bombs stagger



*Battle of Baghdad …


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Hello! Happy Spring!


Friendly, ferny greenery

Sprouting up so merrily,

Now that Spring has sprung.

Little, laughing lions

Wave their happy signs

Dancing in the shining sun.

Daring decorations charm,

They mean to cause usth7Y4CARWB no harm,

Their scattered blooms are fun.

Their tiny puffball wishes go flying in the breeze…

Such brave little, yellow lions

To end the winter’s freeze.


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Have you ever had something happen that you remember, but no one else does? It’s a weird feeling to have, and you think there has to be some reason, some explanation for why they don’t remember it. Did the incident happen in an alternate reality? Were you the only one that actually did see it? Did your memory play tricks on you, or was it just a dream? I’ve heard of screen memories, where you have one memory of something, to cover up a real incident that was traumatic. Well, I’m not sure what this one was, but here’s what I remember…

I was just a kid at the time. It was the middle of the night, and as usual, I was up by myself, looking out the windows at the stars, and hoping to see a UFO. Yeah, I was a weird kid, into all kinds of strange thoughts and having crazy experiences with the paranormal…and, I still am.

So, I was looking at the sky, when I saw the fireballs. They weren’t in the sky, but right across the street from our house. There were huge, orange balls of fire, poofing up from the telephone pole behind that house over there. One after another, they’d travel up the pole, then a big explosion at the top into a giant fireball.

After a little while, the whole neighborhood was awake, and there were firetrucks, and people watching what would happen. With so much commotion going on, you’d think everyone would remember that night. But, no…no one I asked, not my family, nor the neighbors, ever remembered such a thing happening.

I know that the transformers on telephone poles do explode and catch fire sometimes, and I’ve seen pictures on the news of this. But, the fireballs I saw that night were not even close to being a normal type of transformer malfunction. It was just the one pole, and no fire was ignited anywhere else in the area.

So, I’m left with this fireball memory, which will never be explained.

Have you had something happen, that you swear was real, but nobody else remembers?


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Today’s poem is done in the Etheree form. It consists of ten lines, each line having one more syllable than the previous one, until there is a total of fifty-five, and is unrhymed.





Of nature

You are welcome

After winter’s freeze

Awaken our senses

Refresh and replenish us

Give us warm, sunny days, again

We will rejoice and sing your praises

We revel in newfound hope of springtime.


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According to Wikipedia, an OBE Out-Of-Body Experience is the sensation of floating outside of your body, and being able to see yourself from outside your physical being.

It can also be called astral travel, astral projection, spirit walking, or soul travel.

OBEs can be spontaneous, or induced, by way of illness, trauma, near death, drug use, dehydration, electrical pulses in the brain, and meditation.

Some people report feeling vibrations, hearing a rushing, buzzing noise, a heavy body feeling, and sleep paralysis, before they have an OBE.

For me, I’ve experienced them off and on since I was a baby. I know one of my first memories of all, was of floating near the ceiling of the room, watching myself in the baby crib. I was standing up, holding onto the top rail, and crying to get out.


My Ghost Painting

Later on, through my childhood, I would have these strange feelings. It was like I  had a very heavy head, and it was scary. I had no idea what caused it, but I didn’t like it. My hands would be heavy, and I’d get these inside vibrations, a kind of electrical tingly sensation, throughout. I just called them the ‘shakes’.

I’d be afraid of going to bed at night, because that’s when the floating feeling would happen. I never saw myself going anywhere, such as another room, or out of the house. I’ve read that others can do this, and they try to make it happen, through deep meditation. For me, no, I don’t want to, but I have no control over when it occurs. I would guess these that I have are the spontaneous kind, as I’ve never tried to make it happen.

It feels weird to have yourself out of your body. Maybe it’s your soul that has come out to roam around. Anyway, it feels creepy, to me…to be separated, and looking down at myself. My actual body cannot move…it is asleep, I would suppose, and I always was afraid I’d not get back in. But, so far I have.

No one has ever said if they could see me when I was floating around. I wonder what that would look like? Would I be a ghostly apparition? I don’t know. I’ve never read, or heard of anyone seeing an out-of-body soul, just a regular person who seems to be asleep.

Maybe the person left behind on the bed, just thinks they are dreaming, and when they wake up, they don’t remember the floating above part.

Well, it’s all a bit mysterious to me. There’s lots of scientific theories and conjectures to this strange state of being, but whatever it is, and whatever the cause of it, I know it’s possible, and real.

I’ve had OBEs…have you?


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So, here we are in the month of March. Everyone is having crazy weather, but spring is coming soon. Yay! Quite a few things happen in this month, including the Spring Equinox, which is on the 20th. That same day there will be a total eclipse of the sun, (hope to be able to see it where I am), and it will be a full Super Moon. So many celestial happenings. I’ll be putting out my stones, and water to be energized anew. Also, we will have Daylight Savings time starting up again. I’m glad for that, too. Next would be St. Patrick’s day…always a bit of fun to be had.

My next writing challenge will be next month…the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. It runs for the entire month, using each letter of the alphabet to write a blog post about. Looking forward to that.

I still post new blog entries to my fan fiction story “Two Souls: Into the Fire” over on my other blog… … everyone is welcome to read that, if you want to.

Also, I still do the Twitter #MondayBlogs, and the #FridayPhrases …those are lots of fun.

So, in this manic month of March, in the interlude between the Blogging U, Writing:201 Poetry Challenge and the next one, I will be posting a variety of things on here. I will try to get in some of all of my favorite catagories, as the mood strikes.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update as to what all I’ll be doing. I do appreciate everyone who visits here, and love the comments, likes, and follows! Thank you so much!

Until next time… Peace, Love, & Light 🙂

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