Today’s poem assignment from the Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, is called Prose Poetry, using the repeated vowel sounds of assonance, and the word to incorporate was fingers.



Have you seen water be weird, while freezing? Wee little waves, like fingers reaching up out of the tiny sea, entering my heart with fear. Entities evolving, ethereally…eternally reacting…reacting to their reality. Weaving each little fingertip into eerie shapes. Briefly being created, before returning to water, grieving as they melt. We truly believe we’re relieved.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    • JJCYLK….exactly! That is what I was writing about…I’ve had it happen in the ice trays, and it looks so freaky…kinda scared me the first time…I wonder why it does that? Thanks for the comment, and the visit! 🙂

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