To continue my tales of teleportation, I will start with a question. Do you have reason to believe that actual objects can be teleported from one place to another, by paranormal means?

If you’ve read my other posts, on this subject, you already know that I believe it is possible. It happened to me and my daughter, and to my cat, Weena.

There are a few more incidents of this kind, involving non-living objects, too…right here in the house.

This first one concerned a recipe I was looking for. It was for brownies…a favorite recipe I’ve used for years, because they always turn out great, and are easy to make.

It had been written in a little notebook, on blue paper, probably a little larger than an index card. The notebook had come apart a long time ago, but I still had the little blue pages of recipes. This one was hand-written by my mother, so I didn’t want to lose it. She had passed on quite a few years ago.

Anyway, I wanted to make a pan of brownies, so I looked in the kitchen drawer, where I keep recipes, but couldn’t find it. I found lots of those blue pages, with other recipes written on them, and several books, and other papers, but this brownie one was not there where it should have been.

I did look in one more place, just in case it had been put in there. It was a clear, plastic storage bin of drawers, that held kitchen items. It wasn’t there, either. I mean, I took everything out of both places, going through each bit of paper, and book, more than one time.

Finally I gave up ever finding it. I sat down at the table, for a few minutes, just thinking, where could it be? So, I tried something…I spoke out loud, asking my mother if she knew where it was, and could she help me find it. After another few minutes, I got the funny feeling that I should look over to the clear, plastic cart of drawers.

I look, and immediately see the recipe in the bottom drawer, in the front, in plain sight. There was no mistaking it, and it was not there, before.

I go over and get the recipe…yes, it’s the brownie recipe I’d been searching for. I got to make the brownies that day, after all.

Now…how do you explain something like that? I think, with my mother’s help, that it was able to re-materialize here, from some other place…another dimension? a parallel universe? I’ll never know where it was, or how it came back, I guess. But, I believe it was teleported from somewhere.

Maybe, it was the power of believing that helped it to manifest back over here, in our reality, because I really wanted some brownies!


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. I love this & I wish I would have started paying attention to stuff like this a long time ago! You make WordPress so fun & interesting!

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