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Take a number

Take a trip

Trip and fall

Trip and flip

Flip and fold

Flip a coin

Coin a phrase

Coin of copper

Copper and gold

Copper and bronze

Bronze a statue

Bronze age

Age of reason

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius rising

Aquarius sign

Sign of the times

Sign out

Out of sight

Out of mind

Mind your manners

Mind over matter

Matter of time

Matter of fact

Fact or fiction

Fact of life

Life or death

Life on the edge

Edge of insanity

Edge of reason

Reason for doubt

Reason for the season

Season of change

Season the food

Food for thought

Food and drink

Drink and eat

Drink and be merry

Merry maids

Merry go round

Round and about

Round the world

World of wonder

World with no end

End of an era

End of time

Time and trouble

Time of our life





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One more true story about teleportation…


Have you ever lost something, only to have it reappear, years later?

This item I lost was a knife. It was an ordinary, inexpensive, paring knife. I had not packed it away, or just forgotten about using it, but one I used almost every day. I’d had this knife for quite a while, and it was my favorite, because it was easy to use, a good fit for my hand, and was excellent for peeling potatoes.

Then one day, as I went to get it from the drawer it was kept in, I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere, even in other places, but it was gone. Over the years, I never quit looking for it…hoping it was just misplaced, and I’d find it someday. There were other knives that I could use, and did use, but none as good as that one. I’d pretty much come to the conclusion that it must have been accidentally been thrown out by mistake.

Then, this past year, it re-appeared. I opened the drawer to get a knife, and there it was, right on top of all the other knives…just like it had always been, before. It was like it had never gone missing, at all. I stared at it for a minute.

How did it come back? Where had it been, all these years? Why did it come back, now? Maybe, my parallel universe ‘neighbor’ had been using the knife for awhile. Had it been in someone else’s kitchen? Were ‘they’ missing the knife now, like I had?

Very strange…I suppose I’ll never really know for sure, but I’m happy it came back. I use it all the time.


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I didn’t know there’d be colors,

Here in outer space…

I’ve been exiled for so very long,

In this unforgiving place.

I see the flashing red…

A warning light, I fear…

My words are trapped inside my head,

There’s no one that can hear.

The words did put me in this mess…

The words will get me out…

They say that I lie quietly…

Even thought I scream and shout.

I’m not crazy crazy…

But, then how do I know?

I’m incommunicado…

I have no way to show.


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Change your position

Reverse your opinion

Come together, in this…our dimension

Meditate on perfect solution

We will survive our revolution

Reflect…revise to unify

Our souls never again to die

We are satellites in retrograde

Our future together was heavenly made

Our echoes will vibrate in celestial light

Our stars aligned again, this night.









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Loco Letters # 7


Dear Paper Towel Companies,

What is up with those sections of your product that won’t tear off? When I want one single sheet of paper towel, I try to tear it off at the perforation, but it never works right. I’ve tried so many times, Sometimes, I pull off half the roll, and it goes bouncing off the cabinet, into the floor, unrolling a long streamer, as it goes merrily on it’s way. Other times, I think I have gotten it just right, but no…at the last second, a corner rips off all jagged looking. That just won’t do, you know?

I’m no perfectionist, lord knows, but why do these things happen, every time? After the one roll goes off on the floor, well, they can’t be used anywhere near the food in the kitchen. They are ok for mopping up spills, which is ok, but really, I have a regular mop for that. The ones with the corners torn off, are just frustrating, when I wanted a nice even square. I have to fold it over so I won’t see the damage…it really bugs me.

I’ve also noticed that on your packaging, there are no instructions on how to tear the sheets off, in a non-destructive way. I know…it’s just paper to be thrown away, after all, but for those few minutes I’m using them, I want them to be whole and clean. Most products in the world have some kind of use instructions on the package, even if it is as they say…a no brainer. I know…I’ve read them on everything.

There you are, telling us how awesome your paper towels are, how strong and durable, and how useful for so many wipe-up jobs. There is also, colorful graphics on the package, along with how many plies it has, how many sheets, how many square feet there are per roll, and a warning about the plastic wrapping suffocating someone. Couldn’t you put a few little words on there, letting us know how best to tear a sheet off the roll? Hey, you could even print it on the actual paper…I mean, you print all those pretty pictures all over the front of them. I think this is a good idea.

Well, maybe there are no rules about how to use your paper towels. Could it be that you the producer, have left it up to us, the consumer, to be smart enough to know how, on our own? Thank you for that, at least. We can manage to tear a sheet off, one way or another, however sloppy it looks. I’d just prefer a small hint of the correct way to do this.

So, Paper Towel Companies, do you think any of my suggestions will be a future possibility?

Thanking you in advance, and looking forward to your new designs!


Miss Messy




The ellipses go around my words…


Like an epileptic episode…

A circling, a rounding, surrounding…

Gathering them up…the words…

Putting a fence around them, before they are…


Willy-nilly, fleeting thoughts…

I need the dots…I capture the words…

In brackets of dots, before they fade…

Into a surreal reality…

Forgive me…forgive me…

My ellipsis episodes…my spells…my fits…

of dotty convulsions…

I must write the blank spaces in my mind…

Fleeting, unconscious thoughts…

In my daydreams…

I imprint them on paper, before I implode…

Superficial…sacrificial…lest they explode into…



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To continue my tales of teleportation, I will start with a question. Do you have reason to believe that actual objects can be teleported from one place to another, by paranormal means?

If you’ve read my other posts, on this subject, you already know that I believe it is possible. It happened to me and my daughter, and to my cat, Weena.

There are a few more incidents of this kind, involving non-living objects, too…right here in the house.

This first one concerned a recipe I was looking for. It was for brownies…a favorite recipe I’ve used for years, because they always turn out great, and are easy to make.

It had been written in a little notebook, on blue paper, probably a little larger than an index card. The notebook had come apart a long time ago, but I still had the little blue pages of recipes. This one was hand-written by my mother, so I didn’t want to lose it. She had passed on quite a few years ago.

Anyway, I wanted to make a pan of brownies, so I looked in the kitchen drawer, where I keep recipes, but couldn’t find it. I found lots of those blue pages, with other recipes written on them, and several books, and other papers, but this brownie one was not there where it should have been.

I did look in one more place, just in case it had been put in there. It was a clear, plastic storage bin of drawers, that held kitchen items. It wasn’t there, either. I mean, I took everything out of both places, going through each bit of paper, and book, more than one time.

Finally I gave up ever finding it. I sat down at the table, for a few minutes, just thinking, where could it be? So, I tried something…I spoke out loud, asking my mother if she knew where it was, and could she help me find it. After another few minutes, I got the funny feeling that I should look over to the clear, plastic cart of drawers.

I look, and immediately see the recipe in the bottom drawer, in the front, in plain sight. There was no mistaking it, and it was not there, before.

I go over and get the recipe…yes, it’s the brownie recipe I’d been searching for. I got to make the brownies that day, after all.

Now…how do you explain something like that? I think, with my mother’s help, that it was able to re-materialize here, from some other place…another dimension? a parallel universe? I’ll never know where it was, or how it came back, I guess. But, I believe it was teleported from somewhere.

Maybe, it was the power of believing that helped it to manifest back over here, in our reality, because I really wanted some brownies!


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Easily impermanent

Frequently illogical

A mumbo-jumbo

Of mundane conversations

Thoroughly trounce

My weary brain



Be awake

Be aware


Be gone

Leave me in awe

Leave me alone

Leave me bewildered

Leave me wild

Leave me…just



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Archaic and Arcane,

A mystery, just the same…

A dig through the Antiquities

Of our Ancestors…

A Story told,

A Life so bold;

The Remains of the Past still Haunt…

The Photos of those Unknown,

Showed Children, through their Ages…

Old fashioned Clothes,

Unsmiling Faces…

Fill the book of Scrapbook pages.

Who are these Mortals?

They are Part of Us.

Their Past lives on and On.

Remember them,

Learn from Them,

We will Be Them…Someday…

Just a Photo for our Future families

To Dig through.


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