I’ve heard about there being other dimensions that exist alongside us in this time and space…unseen for the most part. Or maybe it is a parallel universe? Just going to throw out some thoughts for y’all to ponder, along with a few true incidents, that may or may not have been a case of a parting of the veil.

Is this ‘other’ place existing really close to us? Is it in the same room we’re in…or following us around? Is it everywhere on Earth? Is it there all the time, or just when we think about it? Are ‘we’ in it, too?

People are in this other world, too, but can they ever see us in our world? How come we don’t bump into them? Can they see us, or are they unaware? Maybe, their world is reality, and ours is their dream world. Could be, they wonder about this, too. Is this where doppelgangers come into play. Are we them, and they us…living our separate realities, just a little out of sync with each other. Is that where precognition, visions, and clairvoyance gets it’s start…by us seeing something ‘they’ do and then remembering it?

Would you like to see yourself doing things over there. It would be weird, I think, to get a glimpse of ourselves and others like that. Would you want to be able to go back and forth, from one dimension to the other, whenever you felt like it? It might be fun…or maybe it would be creepy.

I have had some strange experiences in the past, that I feel was a bit of this. There has been a sort of parting of the ether, an opening…a portal…to another place, and time, that has made me a believer in such things.

First, the name of this blog… ‘teleportingweena’… Weena (Rowena) is our tabby cat. I think she teleported herself, somehow. I don’t know where she went, but she was gone. She is an indoor cat, never outside, so there wasn’t any way she got lost out there. She was in the bedroom (the one with the levitating mirror), when we saw her last. She has her hiding places, here in the house, and we searched everywhere. She’d been gone for hours. We tore the house apart calling and looking for her, but she was gone. In despair of ever finding her again, she suddenly appeared…right in the spot we last saw her. There was no noise of her coming back, no sound of her scrabbling out of an overlooked hiding spot…she just materialized right there in the bedroom. She wasn’t frightened, or anything…she was just sitting there. Of course we made a fuss over her, and all was back to normal. But, where was she? What did she see? I wish we knew.

That was just one true instance of teleportation to another realm. There are more, involving different objects here in the house… and even of myself, my daughter, and my mother. I will tell you of them, in upcoming posts.

Don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts, and/or experiences with the strange things that go on in this world.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

*Quote below is from the song “Serenade” by the Steve Miller Band, on the album “Greatest Hits 1974-78, on Capitol Records.


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  1. I just wish the other me would come over here and work a week of two so I could catch a break! Hahaha As always, enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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