So, I’m in a silly mood this Friday afternoon. This post is just some of the craziness I think of all the time, every day, random bits of this and that. Sometimes I can focus long enough to put together a coherent blog post, which sounds like I know what I’m talking about. Other times I just write down the free flow of thoughts in my notebooks, and I have a lot of them. (thoughts andĀ notebooks)

So, back to the title of this. I had my fingers on the wrong keys to type the word cauliflower. It looks silly. So, I left it there. Actually, I’d been thinking of that word … how do you pronounce it? I’ve looked in the dictionary, and it’s pretty straight forward… ko-li-flau-er…with some little do-dads on top of the letters, that I don’t really know what they mean, and this keyboard probably don’t have them, anyway.

So, here’s what I was thinking about how to say it.

Call – a – flower ( is this a bit like ‘phone-a-friend’?)

Call – ya – flower ( Hey, come here, flower. Except flowers don’t generally travel around)

Collie – flour (like a dog? Covered in flour? Or, heaven forbid, flour made from a dog?)

I usually go with the second example, most of the time, even though I know it is wrong. Maybe it is just because of the southern (or Texas) dialect/accent?

So, anyway, cauliflower is a funny word. (and yes, I do like to eat it)

So, there are sure a lot of parentheses in here, and the word so…don’t ya think?

So, again, thanks for stopping by for a few laughs on this Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend! (and try not to think of the word cauliflower too much!) šŸ™‚

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