I sat and watched all kinds of people come and go at the estate sale we held at the old homestead. It was weird. My dad had passed away in August, and me and my sister and our husbands  were clearing out over 60 years of home items. We’d already gone through it all, and these items were what were left to sell. We’d lived here throughout my childhood, up until I married and moved out, but still it was home…the gathering place for holidays, and visiting…even moving back in with my own kids a time or two. So, yes, there were lots of memories attached to the things people were buying.

As I sat in our truck, taking a break, I watched the people, and wrote most of this, just adding a bit more today.  …



I watch awhile…they come and smile…

They make their comments…in snapshot moments…

On this day, they take away the memories of the old days…

the old ways…

The treasures that once were ours,

The remnants of our many hours

Spent living here…more than 60 years…

Tears for the history…they won’t know…

The shelves are cleared, row by row…

The image of what used to be, is now just a memory.

They only ask how much they owe…

Not thinking of our family’s woe.

Our family’s life, now laid bare…

Will they wonder? Will they care?

Will part of us be with those things…

Or will we be severed – cut like strings?

Someday, I’m sure their day will come…

Time for them to come undone.

To pass along to their heirs,

Our past memories, along with theirs.

A chain reaction that has no ending…

New memories to make…another beginning.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much, Belinda! It was a difficult time, these past months. I know it had to be done, but still weird to see people buying our things. And, yes I go to yard sales, and estate sales all the time, myself…but this seemed different somehow. Do I think a person’s essence stays with their belongings? Maybe…and maybe that’s why some people don’t like antiques. I love all the old things, though. Thanks again for coming and commenting! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, Grace. It was sad to see everything go, but as you say, we all have our own roads to travel, and we do have pictures and memories of all the years past.

  3. Interesting thing with memories… both those we bury and those we keep too long.. My mother’s house is still filled with 50 years of memories, and I’m sure it will be a tough thing to part with it.. but I like that maybe it will be the birth of new and fresh memories…

    • Thanks, Bjorn. It is a weird feeling to see strangers in your old homeplace, carrying off lots of things that bring back memories. The house was sold, also, and it helped to take lots of pictures of it, inside and out.

    • Thank you for reading and your comment. It is funny how that happens. Just seeing something from long ago, will trigger memories of the past, which is a good thing. No one can take away our feelings and memories.

  4. Well.. smiles.. one interesting
    phenom about uploading a soul
    online full with photos
    of mementos too..
    is it’s nice to
    know you can
    always go back..
    and sure there are
    moments of pain and
    suffering in life.. wheRe the
    past brings the only respite
    of that hell in now.. so after
    enduring THAT.. I DO UPLOAD
    NOW.. so in case i lose soul
    again.. i can at least
    type in a name
    and find
    it and
    gain it back..
    once again..
    seriously.. an incredible
    tool for a little potential
    insurance to get it back..
    and yes.. my father too..
    passes in May of 2014..
    and if i wanna go back
    and visit the old family
    home.. it still lives online
    with Mementos fully intact..
    long gone in physical reality now.. home
    sell under contract.. freshly painted too..
    but nah.. i am too busy
    making new
    to even go back
    one day.. or
    line.. or
    even word..
    or letter of
    yesternow.. smiles..
    but still insurance of
    soul then.. now..
    then.. smiles
    again.. as well..
    And OMG selling
    that home has been
    a real pain in another city..
    go by
    and come

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