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My Mama got a Shotgun…

She felt there was a need.

The church had been molested…

The warning she did heed.

She lived out in the country-

Trouble she did not need.

The church had broken windows…

Who did this awful deed?

Once, she picked the flowers,

Before they went to seed…

And placed them on the gravestones –

That was her good deed.

So that the church, across the way,

Will never go to weed,

She will continue watching…

Vigilance is her creed.


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It’s that time of year, again. The coming end of a year, when all the calendar companies come out with their new designs. I see them displayed in all the stores, from bookstores, discount stores, grocery stores, and even kiosks in the mall. Hundreds of calendars emblazoned with the numbers of the new year ahead. Here’s my loco letter to them…


CALENDAR CRAZE (calendar daze)

Dear Calendar Companies,

I love your calendars. Every one of them are bright, colorful, and oh, so helpful. I mean, how else would I know what the months and days are, if not for you.

The thing is, I have a problem. You may not think it is a big problem, and for you it isn’t. You can only benefit from my dilemma. You see, I like so many of your calendars, I have a really hard time choosing one to buy. I want them all.

I only need one, yet I wind up buying quite a few. It’s because the pictures of kitty cats, puppies, horses, and scenery are so pretty. Then, as I’m trying to choose, I see the trivia ones, then the joke-a-day ones, then the cartoon ones, then the ones based on all the television shows.

All of these come in different styles, too. The regular, hang on the wall types, in all sizes, the ones you put on a desk, and the small planner ones you can carry around. There is a calendar depicting every subject, and taste the buyer might want.

How are we supposed to choose? I stand there at the display, weighing one against another. Which one has the ‘prettiest flowers’, the ‘cutest cats’, the ‘funniest’ cartoons? It is impossible, I tell you.

Remember, I only need one, but in the end, I buy several. Then, at home, I try to find places to put them all…the kitchen, the bedroom, the office, the garage, the bathroom? (because, who doesn’t need to know when the next full moon occurs, while you’re -ahem- busy in there?)

All this calendar buying, I’ll admit, is good for your company, and I do enjoy looking/reading them. I suppose one way we can have an enjoyable experience in buying lots of them, is to give them as gifts to friends and family.

Then, what do you know…we can sit back and wait to receive more calendars…the ones they bought as a gift for us!

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I have this candle. It sits on the shelf in my living room, in a square, glass jar. It is red, smells good, like spice, and is named “Christmas Spirit”. I’ve had it awhile, but have never lit it. My sister gave it to me because she was scared of it.

You may think that’s a strange reason to gift me with the candle, but I don’t. She knows I love all weird and paranormal things, and this candle had been acting ‘weird’ over at her house. I think she’d bought it at a yard sale, along with some others, a long time ago. She had this one and the others sitting out on her kitchen table, as she was thinking of getting rid of them, now.

She gave me the candle, and told me this spooky story about it. … She was sitting at her table, early one morning, while the house was quiet. She was sipping her coffee, when all of a sudden, the glass lid on the ‘Spirit’ candle popped off with a loud noise, and flew off across the room. It landed quite a distance away, but didn’t break. She was lucky it did not hit her, as it went flying by. There was no rational reason for the lid to come off the glass jar. The table was not jiggled, the room was an even temperature, and the lid had been securely fastened down on top of the jar. She had never burned the candle, either.

So, that’s why she was scared of it…maybe it was possessed, or would do it again at any given moment. Anyway, now I have it. I’ve been waiting for it to do something else…hoping it would flip it’s lid again…anything. I thought that being over here, at my house, with the resident spirits and ghosts, would trigger an incident, but so far it hasn’t. I wish it would.

Could it be that the ‘spirits’ in the Christmas candle are happier now, being around others of it’s kind? I don’t know, but if it does do anything else strange, I’ll let you know.


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Just another little story using the words from the game “Words With Friends”. I try to use all the words played in the game to make up a short, fun piece. The words from the game are in bold … Enjoy! 




Mr. and Mrs. Spiros had a plan. They wanted to own and open a Greek restaurant in their town. Nothing would deter them.

After much hard work and determination, it was finally within reach. They opened their dream restaurant on the third day of the month, and called it “Spiros Gyros“. It had been a small, worn, building when they bought it, but they knew if it was a success, they could expand to a larger storefront.

Mrs. Spiros would be doing the cooking, as it was her family’s recipes, from the old country, she’d be using. She was also very good at peeling potatoes. Mr. Spiros would be running the business side of the shop. First, though, they had to hire a couple of employees. After interviewing several hopefuls, they hired Ne-Na and Di, as waitresses. The girls were young, but were told if they did a good job, there wouldn’t be any cussing from the management.

The restaurant was located on Ox Rout Lane. They hoped to lure customers from the nearby homes, and woo them with their delicious gyros and pita bread meals. The menu included thin shaved meat, and a berry bowl with heavy cream, for desert.

Sometimes, Mr. Spiros would lend a hand in the kitchen, taking jabs and zags at the meat. Mrs. Spiros would tend to the cooking, and wrapping the food in foilIt was a good working relationship.

Di would greet customers, as they came in, with a wave, and say “Hi“, and Ne-Na would jot down their orders on her note pad. The patrons never said ‘yuch‘ at how their food tasted. It was all good.

The owners were happy to give back to the community. They provided entertainment while the customers ate; a duet would sing arias, with ease. Every night they’d sing the same ones. When their contract was over, they went on to find fame in the big city. They didn’t just fade away. You may have heard of them…Qi-Nor and A-Bod.

So, in the end, the Greek restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Spiros envisioned long ago, found fame, too. It became the ‘go to’ place for many years.


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I sat and watched all kinds of people come and go at the estate sale we held at the old homestead. It was weird. My dad had passed away in August, and me and my sister and our husbands  were clearing out over 60 years of home items. We’d already gone through it all, and these items were what were left to sell. We’d lived here throughout my childhood, up until I married and moved out, but still it was home…the gathering place for holidays, and visiting…even moving back in with my own kids a time or two. So, yes, there were lots of memories attached to the things people were buying.

As I sat in our truck, taking a break, I watched the people, and wrote most of this, just adding a bit more today.  …



I watch awhile…they come and smile…

They make their comments…in snapshot moments…

On this day, they take away the memories of the old days…

the old ways…

The treasures that once were ours,

The remnants of our many hours

Spent living here…more than 60 years…

Tears for the history…they won’t know…

The shelves are cleared, row by row…

The image of what used to be, is now just a memory.

They only ask how much they owe…

Not thinking of our family’s woe.

Our family’s life, now laid bare…

Will they wonder? Will they care?

Will part of us be with those things…

Or will we be severed – cut like strings?

Someday, I’m sure their day will come…

Time for them to come undone.

To pass along to their heirs,

Our past memories, along with theirs.

A chain reaction that has no ending…

New memories to make…another beginning.


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(A Test From an Angel in an Unlikely Place)

This incident happened a few years ago. It was on Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly. The unlikely place was the grocery store.

I’d gone to the store to get some last minute items. The store was crowded, as they were to close early that night. I was over in produce, and this nondescript woman started a conversation with me. She was shorter than me, and had on a beige coat, a scarf, and glasses. Her hair was light brown, going gray, and it was messy. She also had a slight disability in her speech and demeanor.

I can’t remember the exact conversation, but it was about the fruits and vegetables, and also about the crowds, and Christmas…things like that. It was a little hard to understand her, but she was nice, and I talked to her for a bit. Then I went on with my shopping.

However, everywhere I went in the store, this woman would be there, too. I didn’t see her come up the aisle, and I don’t think she had a basket, but there she’d be, still wanting to talk. So this went on the whole time I was there.

I kept getting this really strong feeling…and I kept thinking about angels…for no reason. Then, I thought, maybe this woman is an angel. I couldn’t shake the feeling, it just kept getting stronger. Well, I kept talking to her, as everywhere I went in the store, she would be there right beside me.

Then, I seemed to get an inkling…or revelation…of why this was happening. This was a test…a test to see if I was perceptive, and could recognize what was going on. And of my compassion for those less fortunate with disabilities, and in how I responded and treated this woman.

There was definitely some kind of reason for this to be going on…I knew that, then. Well, in the end, I went to check out my groceries, and I said goodbye to her. The regular clerks said they’d never seen her in the store before, either. I never saw her again, but she will remain in my memories of that night.

Now, I don’t know for sure if angels appear as regular people, at random times, or for what reasons, but in my mind, this is what it was.


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I have been drawn to the stars and sky for as long as I can remember. There is a need for me to look up into the darkness, even when I was a little kid, sneaking out of the house to look at the starry sky. I still do this almost every night.

I feel like maybe aliens know of me, and have made their presence known to me, throughout the years. This story is one of those times. The memory of the incident has haunted me all this time, because of the not knowing why it happened, or the truth of it. I do know it happened to me, and was not a dream.

I was always in and out of the doctor’s office for this or that, as a child. One time was really strange. The Dr. was tired of seeing me always in there, and told me if I ever came back, he’d make sure I never did again. He took me and my mom (who didn’t say a word, just followed – which was completely not normal) down some concrete steps, to the basement of the hospital.

He was strange looking. He was a very short man, wearing a long white coat, and large dark glasses, so I couldn’t see his eyes behind them. He said to look at what was down there…that these people didn’t listen to him, and that this is what would happen to me, too. It was terrifying.

I was probably ten years old. I saw people strapped down onto these huge roulette-like wheels. Some were upright, some were situated more flat to the floor, and they couldn’t move. They were very scared. Once in awhile an assistant would come and spin the wheels around really fast.

At that point, the doctor took my hand and pricked my finger to draw blood, for a blood test. Then he said for us to leave. I vowed to never, ever go back to that doctor again, no matter what, even if I was sick, and I never did, even when I did get sick…I just never told anyone I was not feeling well.

So, that is how this one ended, but I have reason to believe there have been many other encounters over the years…just not as scary.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Have you had mysterious encounters?


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I’ve always had crazy, unexplained thing happen in the houses I’ve lived in, even this house I live in now. These incidents happened in the house I grew up in, my grandmother’s house, and houses I lived in when we moved to other states, and countries, and were pretty common. I’ve related some of those stories in my other posts here.

Up until recently, I’d never heard of people going on ghost hunting adventures, but I’ve seen the tv shows, and have read a lot on the subject. I decided that I would conduct one of my own, right here in the house, as this is where lots of weirdness happens.

As I am totally an amateur at this, I just used the equipment I had available, and the knowledge of how an investigation should go. I’ve found what to look for in photos, what to listen for on recordings, and the terminology. It is all so interesting. So, recently, I set up an EVP session. That is Electronic Voice Phenomenon…recording on tape, a spirit voice.

Weird things happen in my house, so why not try to get some evidence right here? I get my little tape recorder, my scanner, some old antiques, and go into the bedroom. This is the bedroom where the heavy mirror levitated and then fell to the floor and broke. (in the story ‘Identified Flying Objects’) If there were spirits in this room, I wanted to find out.

The antiques were there, just in case something was hovering around or attached to them…some entity from beyond. The police scanner, I used for some background white noise. I set it on a frequency that was just static.

After setting the stage, by placing everything on the bed, I turned on the recorder, and I spoke aloud to whomever was present. I said if anyone is here, feel free to speak. Then, I left the room, closing the door. Out in the main part of the house, all was quiet. The cats were all asleep, and I had the tv turned off, and no music was playing. I left the recorder going for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t wait any longer to find out if I’d ‘caught’ anything on tape.

Putting on headphones, I began listening to the recording. At first, it was just the static noise from the scanner. The white noise seemed to go on forever…but then, I heard a voice! For real! I rewound the tape, listening again, and again. The same thing, the same phrase repeated every single time. There was only the one instance, nothing before this and nothing after. It is difficult to make out EVPs, but when you do get a voice, there’s no mistaking it.

Here’s what I heard… “I’m coming back” or “I’ll be coming back”. As I said, it is hard to make out the exact words, but that is what it sounded like, to me. Over and over, I heard the same phrase. I took a few pictures in the room, just in case I would see something weird, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Later, I took a picture of the broken mirror that had flew around this room. It had been out in the garage for a long time, in not great conditions, with the dust and all out there. However, I did see what I thought was an orb, a roundish spot of light, that shouldn’t have been there. I did send it to a professional ghost hunter I know, to have her evaluate it. It was just as I expected, though…just dust floating around the air. Maybe another time I will get something on film.

Anyway, that was my experience of ghost hunting in my own house. I’m convinced there is something here…something unknown. It doesn’t scare me, or bother me at all. I’m just very aware of strange things going on here. I do have more crazy things to tell. I’ll be adding more of my true ghost stories, in coming days.

Have you had any paranormal experiences? I’d love to hear them!

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