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POEM # 22

This is my first effort at a form of poetry called Blitz…it is just as I wrote it, I didn’t go back to change anything. I found that it is so much fun to do, so plan on doing more.



Be a ghost

Be a host

Host a party

Host a show

Show a smile

Show some spunk

Spunk is cheerful

Spunk is fun

Fun is great

Fun is sweet

Sweet treats

Sweet Beats

Beats of sound

Beats all around

Around the house

Around the world

World of wonder

World in space

Space to breathe

Space to grow

Grow some flowers

Grow some powers

Powers that be

Powers to see

See me fly

See that guy

Guy is tall

Guy is shy

Shy away from

Shy is nervous

Nervous nellie

Nervous as a cat

Cat goes meow

Cat can hiss

Hiss and Boo

Hiss like a goose

Goose is loose

Goose can swim

Swim in a pool

Swim in a lake

Lake of blue

Lake of fire

Fire is hot

Fire is Flames

Flames can burn

Flames will purify

Purify my mind

Purify my soul




Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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