Dear Jinx Corner,

What’s up with your location? Are you truly jinxed?

You do know that every single business that tries to set up operations on your plot of land does not not make it. They go out of business very quickly. What seems like a perfect location in your town, has you to contend with. There is plenty of traffic all around you, and all those stores are doing great. Lot’s of customers come to them, and they stay in business for years at that location. Yet, right next to them is you, Jinx Corner.

Anyone opening a store with you and your jinxy ways, do not make a profit at all. It doesn’t matter what type of storefront it is, or how many customers they have, either. It could be a restaurant, a clothing shop, a sports store, a computer store, or even one that sells mattresses…they all leave within a few months.

Do you enjoy running people off? Do you sit back in your obscurity, twirling your evil-doer mustache, gloating over another shop that bit the dust? Do you have relatives in other towns across the country? I’ve seen their handiwork in lots of places I’ve lived. There is a jinx corner in every town.

There is no use for the citizens to patronize these businesses, or get attatched to their products, because they know, after awhile, that the shops will  vanish, and there will be a for sale sign going up really soon.

Townspeople should band together. Maybe they could put up a warning sign…stake it right into your concrete parking lot heart. “Do Not Open a Store Here – You Do Not Want to be on a Jinx Corner”, sounds about right, doesn’t it? How would you like that…not so funny now, is it?

That would be a good warning, and a lesson for you, Mr. Jinx Corner. Take heed…quit sabotaging new businesses…or else!

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