Loco Letter # 3

Dear Gravity:

What’s up with being so consistent all these eons?

Haven’t you heard the saying that goes something like this…’variety is the spice of life’? I don’t know who said that, in the first place, but it is pretty true.

Wouldn’t it be fun to vary your gravitational pull from time to time? It would be quite fun for us to never know if we’d be super heavy one day, and the next day be floating around from place to place, as we went about our business. What would be neat, is if someone invented a type of remote control a person could purchase, to wear on a belt. We could punch in whatever strength of gravity we wanted for the day. Any inventors out there want to give it a try?

I think I’d use mine a lot, mostly for making objects just hang out in mid-air. I’m always dropping things, and they just fall down, down, down, to the floor, and I’m scrabbling to catch it before it hits and breaks, or makes a big mess. Then I have to holler at it, cause it has caused me to have to bend down to pick it up or clean it up. This can happen many times a day, as I seem to have a case of the ‘butterfingers’. This way, if I could control gravity, it would just bob around in the air, making it easy for me to retrieve. It sure would be a time saver.

I’d also like for myself to be buoyant, because I tend to fall over, fall down, trip over my own feet, and generally be a klutz. I don’t enjoy that…it hurts, and as they say…what if I can’t get up? It would be great to set my remote control thing-a-ma-bob to half power, or float in air power. That would solve a lot of my problems.

There could be cute words on the device, with all kinds of apps you could add, for your own specific needs. So, gravity…and inventors…what do you say? Are we good to go with this idea?



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  1. Okay, my gravity defyer would be for certain “lady parts”! You know the ones that when standing head south and when laying face east and west???

    And Pulease don’t challenge inventors, they’ll just invent an APP for that, and I still have my cell phone from ten, yep TEN, years ago!

  2. Oh, that is too funny! I’d never even considered the “lady parts” problem, that I definitely know first hand! A touch of gravity boost would help, I’m sure! 🙂 I hear you about the phone…just got upgraded on my really old one (but not even the latest one) Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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