Phenomenon…An extraordinary, impressive, significant, unusual, unaccountable occurrence or fact that is perceptible by the senses.

That’s what I would call the Devil Radio incident…a phenomenon.

The incident happened a couple of years ago. I’ve always listened to the radio, late at night. My favorite program to hear, is Coast 2 Coast. It comes on at midnight, in our time zone, and topics range from conspiricy theories, ghosts, numerology, UFOs, bigfoot, and all types of weird and wonderful things you could ever imagine. They have guests from time to time, that speak on their experiences.

This night, they said they were going to interview a person that claimed he was the Devil. Well, like I mentioned, there are some pretty far out there topics covered on this program, some believable, some not so much.  However, this was one I really didn’t want to hear…seemed too scary, to me. I kept the radio on, right up until the time came for the interview, then I turned it off. I keep my transistor radio by the pillow, so I can just reach up and turn it off if I want to, without getting out of bed.

So, I tried turning it off…but it wouldn’t stop playing the radio program. I switched it on and off again, just to make sure…and I was sure it was turned off. But, it kept playing. I turned the dial to different stations, all across the dial, and the same show was playing on all the stations. Meanwhile, the interview was starting, and I was hearing what I didn’t want to hear.

In the end, I removed the batteries from the radio, and that seemed to work. No more Devil person talking. I have no idea why this happened, or how. I don’t really know what such a thing would be called in paranormal terms, as I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone else.

It never happened again, even though I listened to many more programs after that night. Maybe my radio was possessed by the Devil that one time? Who knows…

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