FOREBODE…FOREBODING… Foretell…Portend…to have an inward conviction of a coming ill or misfortune. Also, an omen, prediction, or presentiment esp. of coming evil…portent…something that foreshadows a coming event…prophetic indication or significance…to bode…to give an anticipatory sign of…

Have you ever had a gut feeling, a sort of intuition, a knowing that something bad was going to happen…a foreboding feeling?

I get them…sometimes. It’s a really odd feeling that will not leave you alone, until the incident happens. You may not even know what it is about until later. It is a creepy, apprehensive feeling in your mind that you want resolved, so you can stop thinking about it.

It’s like a stalker, you can’t see it, but it’s there. It disrupts everything, and you know it’s not good. Then, after the strangeness suddenly leaves you, and you feel normal again, you look back and say…that’s why I was feeling so weird.

Three times in the past that I remember being especially strong. I’d had that dreaded feeling all day…couldn’t shake it. Then, that evening, we got a telegram delivered to our door. (we didn’t have a phone at that time). It just said to call home. (we were in another state). We found a pay phone to call from. My mom told us that my sister’s fiance had been killed that day. A train had hit his car, and he and two of his brothers had not survived. So awful and sad. After hearing this news, the strange foreboding feeling left me.

Another time was when I’d had that feeling all day. That afternoon, we got a phone call that my dad was in the hospital. He’d been injured on the job (a broken arm)…same foreboding feeling.

The most recent time was a few years ago. It concerned some prescribed medicine I was supposed to take…an antibiotic. I didn’t want to take it. I dreaded taking it, and had that awful feeling of foreboding.  I just could not make myself put the first pill in my mouth. I tried…several times…I held it up to my lips, glass of water in the other hand, and just could not do it. I knew this medicine would kill me! I called the Dr. and said there was no way I’d take it, and he prescribed another kind. I’m sure he thought I was a bit crazy, when I told him I’d die if I took the first one. The knowing…the feeling of foreboding was so strong… and I was not going to ignore my intuition about it. As soon as I got the other pills, the bad feelings went away, and I took the new ones with no trouble.

So, I really hate getting that foreboding feeling, but in a way, I guess it is helpful in some situations!

Can you remember a strange feeling about something so strong you couldn’t ignore it? It was that foreboding feeling…wasn’t it?

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  1. Yes I remember this happened a couple of years ago when I was still in high school. I was on the eleventh grade at the time, and here in my country, we get to be taught by different teachers on different grades. One night I got a strange and heavy feeling when I was lying in my bed, listening to music. It felt like I was being pressed so hard (not physically) by this feeling. I felt really worried but my thoughts couldn’t figure out why. This may sound very common, but I felt like something really bad was going to happen AND that would affect many people. When I got to the point where I couldn’t bear the pressing feeling alone anymore, I tried to text two of my closest friends and told them about this. One of them, the one who went to the same school as me, somehow had the same kind of feeling. But after (maybe) one hour, I managed to get to sleep. The next morning, we were told the sad news that our previous sociology teacher had passed away (she was the teacher who taught tenth graders). Me and my friend could only think, “so this is what the feeling was about”. Many students (including us) went to her funeral that afternoon


    • Thank you so much for reading my blog and the post about Foreboding Feelings! So sorry for the loss of your former teacher. It does sound as if you had a sort of premonition about something bad that would happen…that pressing feeling. Then to find out your teacher had passed away…well, I’m sure that what the feeling was about. I know it it very strange, and don’t know why it happens to some of us to feel this. I’ve always been aware of weird things, and notice when something just doesn’t feel right. Have you had more experiences with things of this paranormal type? I think we that do are lucky to be able to tune in to our intuition. I wish you all the best, and thank you again for visiting and telling me your story. (sorry to have taken so long to reply…was having computer problems the last few days)


  2. Hehe no need to apologize. Thinking of it, I’m still wondering how and why that feeling came to me at that time, considering I never had that kind of feeling before and after that. This only happened to me once, and never did again since. In addition, compared to some friends of mine, I can be considered as not really sensitive towards paranormals (or normally insensible matters in general). Well I can sense magnetic field around my own body and other people’s using my bare hands, but I’m not high-skilled in this thing, and I dont know if many people can too. So why did I get that feeling? Why me? Were there more students who felt the same way?

    That feeling I experienced was strange and it still is, probably will always be. But I’m still curious as to why I had it, and whether many other friends of mine had too.


  3. I read a lot about things like this, and I don’t think anyone has ever really said why some people are sensitive to these feelings. Is anyone else in your family able to sense things? And I don’t know why it has to be about something bad happening…why not for something good? Never seems to work out that way for me though. Well, thank you again for you interesting story and comments! If you ever have another story/feeling like these, you should explore it further! 🙂


  4. I will read more of these over the next few days. If you had seen my book shelves (they were my grandmothers) years ago, you would have had a grand old time! I donated 90% over the past few years. There were over 700 occult books!


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