Precognition – To know…clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. Foreknowledge – to know beforehand, esp. by paranormal means or by revelation.

I’ve always thought of myself as being a bit psychic, an empath, a sensitive, and clairvoyant at times, and people have told me I have the gift of knowing. I don’t practice any of this, as a rule, but I am very aware of the way things happen, of other people’s feelings, and dreams and visions that I have, that foretell an event. Here I will tell of two such incidents.

These were two different incidents that happened, several years apart, involving my daughter and I. The first one was when she was a little kid. She was invited to a sleep-over at her friend’s house. This friend lived close by in the neighborhood. We knew her parents, so we said it was ok. It was the first time my daughter had spent the night away from home, and she was excited about all the fun she and her friend would have.

Nothing unusual about that. However, that night I had a strange dream, about a skunk that was trying to get in our back door. It was acting all crazy. I never mentioned the dream to anyone the next morning, though.

When my daughter came home, she began telling me all about her overnight fun. At one point, though, she said she’d been scared. She thought she saw a skunk under the bed, and it was acting crazy! (it turned out later that it was only a black sock under the bed.)

The fact that we both had an encounter with a skunk in the middle of the night, at about the same time, was very interesting.


The next incident happened several years later, when my daughter was a teen. She’d stayed home alone, while her dad and I went grocery shopping, about 30 miles away. On our way home, back down the highway, the car was warm, the sun was shining in my face…so, I closed my eyes and was half asleep. Almost immediately, I “saw” clear as real, my daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, to a friend. This friend lived out of town, and I knew her, but we’d not seen her in a long time.

That was the vision I got. Then, when we did get home and walked in the door, there was my daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, just like I’d ‘seen’ it. I just said for her to say hi to ‘S’. She finished her conversation, then asked me how I knew she was talking to ‘S’. I said I’d seen it in a vision, on the way home.

We have had lots of psychic connections over the years. I love it! It is strange and awesome at the same time.

Have you had visions that came true?

Next time I’ll tell about Foreboding feelings!













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  1. I’ve heard a few times before, that when certain strange things (visions in particular, a psychic connection as you’ve mentioned it) happen to you concerning one of your closest people, that means you and that person really care about each other very deeply. So, after reading this article, it really shows to me how close you and your daughter are (that’s so sweet ^_^)

    By the way, can a vision occur to you by a purpose of some people who had passed away? Because a friend of mine had this dream where she was visited by two strange figures and a woman who gave her some advice.


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