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FOREBODE…FOREBODING… Foretell…Portend…to have an inward conviction of a coming ill or misfortune. Also, an omen, prediction, or presentiment esp. of coming evil…portent…something that foreshadows a coming event…prophetic indication or significance…to bode…to give an anticipatory sign of…

Have you ever had a gut feeling, a sort of intuition, a knowing that something bad was going to happen…a foreboding feeling?

I get them…sometimes. It’s a really odd feeling that will not leave you alone, until the incident happens. You may not even know what it is about until later. It is a creepy, apprehensive feeling in your mind that you want resolved, so you can stop thinking about it.

It’s like a stalker, you can’t see it, but it’s there. It disrupts everything, and you know it’s not good. Then, after the strangeness suddenly leaves you, and you feel normal again, you look back and say…that’s why I was feeling so weird.

Three times in the past that I remember being especially strong. I’d had that dreaded feeling all day…couldn’t shake it. Then, that evening, we got a telegram delivered to our door. (we didn’t have a phone at that time). It just said to call home. (we were in another state). We found a pay phone to call from. My mom told us that my sister’s fiance had been killed that day. A train had hit his car, and he and two of his brothers had not survived. So awful and sad. After hearing this news, the strange foreboding feeling left me.

Another time was when I’d had that feeling all day. That afternoon, we got a phone call that my dad was in the hospital. He’d been injured on the job (a broken arm)…same foreboding feeling.

The most recent time was a few years ago. It concerned some prescribed medicine I was supposed to take…an antibiotic. I didn’t want to take it. I dreaded taking it, and had that awful feeling of foreboding.  I just could not make myself put the first pill in my mouth. I tried…several times…I held it up to my lips, glass of water in the other hand, and just could not do it. I knew this medicine would kill me! I called the Dr. and said there was no way I’d take it, and he prescribed another kind. I’m sure he thought I was a bit crazy, when I told him I’d die if I took the first one. The knowing…the feeling of foreboding was so strong… and I was not going to ignore my intuition about it. As soon as I got the other pills, the bad feelings went away, and I took the new ones with no trouble.

So, I really hate getting that foreboding feeling, but in a way, I guess it is helpful in some situations!

Can you remember a strange feeling about something so strong you couldn’t ignore it? It was that foreboding feeling…wasn’t it?




Precognition – To know…clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. Foreknowledge – to know beforehand, esp. by paranormal means or by revelation.

I’ve always thought of myself as being a bit psychic, an empath, a sensitive, and clairvoyant at times, and people have told me I have the gift of knowing. I don’t practice any of this, as a rule, but I am very aware of the way things happen, of other people’s feelings, and dreams and visions that I have, that foretell an event. Here I will tell of two such incidents.

These were two different incidents that happened, several years apart, involving my daughter and I. The first one was when she was a little kid. She was invited to a sleep-over at her friend’s house. This friend lived close by in the neighborhood. We knew her parents, so we said it was ok. It was the first time my daughter had spent the night away from home, and she was excited about all the fun she and her friend would have.

Nothing unusual about that. However, that night I had a strange dream, about a skunk that was trying to get in our back door. It was acting all crazy. I never mentioned the dream to anyone the next morning, though.

When my daughter came home, she began telling me all about her overnight fun. At one point, though, she said she’d been scared. She thought she saw a skunk under the bed, and it was acting crazy! (it turned out later that it was only a black sock under the bed.)

The fact that we both had an encounter with a skunk in the middle of the night, at about the same time, was very interesting.


The next incident happened several years later, when my daughter was a teen. She’d stayed home alone, while her dad and I went grocery shopping, about 30 miles away. On our way home, back down the highway, the car was warm, the sun was shining in my face…so, I closed my eyes and was half asleep. Almost immediately, I “saw” clear as real, my daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, to a friend. This friend lived out of town, and I knew her, but we’d not seen her in a long time.

That was the vision I got. Then, when we did get home and walked in the door, there was my daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, just like I’d ‘seen’ it. I just said for her to say hi to ‘S’. She finished her conversation, then asked me how I knew she was talking to ‘S’. I said I’d seen it in a vision, on the way home.

We have had lots of psychic connections over the years. I love it! It is strange and awesome at the same time.

Have you had visions that came true?

Next time I’ll tell about Foreboding feelings!
















This is another true ghost story. It happened in the house we are living in now. I wrote this piece last year, and will give a short update at the end.

This happened a few months ago, right here in my living room. I was sitting here at my computer desk. When I turned around to get up, my grandson’s small, metal car had appeared in the floor, right behind me.

Now, my grandson and his family had been here visiting, four months earlier…they live in another state. He had brought lots of toys to play with while he was here, including small cars. I’m sure one probably got left behind, when they left to go home. However, in the four months since then, I know I’d moved the furniture around, and swept the floor, etc. and had not seen one at all.

So, the fact that this little toy car suddenly appeared, was very strange. The cats, as usual, were in the back bedroom, sleeping like they always do. I know they had not dragged the car out. I did not hear any noise of a metal car rolling across the hardwood floor toward me. So, why did it choose to show itself to me now, and where had it been hiding?

I got a weird feeling about it, so did not go pick it up right away, waiting to see if it would move again…but, it didn’t. I left it there all the rest of the day, right in the middle of the floor. The cats did come out of the bedroom, later on.When they saw the toy car, they were very suspisious of it. They acted scared to go near it, and walked wide around to avoid it. That is not normal behavior for them. Usually, anything that looks like a toy, they will bat it around the house, then chase after it. Not this time.

At the end of the day, I did pick it up. I put it on the shelf by my desk. I see it every day, and it sees me. I keep waiting for it to make another sneaky move, but so far it hasn’t.

UPDATE:  My grandson and his family came to visit again this summer, and I gave the toy car back to him. I told my daughter all of what had happened with it, and she suggested that maybe it had just been a signal, that my grandson was just saying hi from his house to mine. I like to believe that’s all it was.

Have you every had toys that did things on their own? I’ve heard of some that use batteries, and they will come on at odd times. Do you think toys can be possessed? I’ve heard stories of this happening, too. Anyway, I look at toys differently, now. You never know when one will sneak up on you!

~ Hope you’re enjoying my true ghost stories. There will be more…much more!




Levitate, levitation, levitating…to rise or float in the air esp. in seeming defiance of gravitation; the act or process of levitating – esp. the rising or lifting of a person or thing by means held to be supernatural.

Our bedroom mirror levitated…by itself!

We’ve lived here in this house for quite a few years, now, and we are only the second family to have lived here. We met the previous owners, and they are not weird, and no horrible thing ever occurred in this house, that we were made aware of. It’s just that the paranormal seems to follow me around, no matter which house I’m in.

The mirror in question, was a used one…one of those kind of tall ones that fit onto a dresser. It wasn’t bolted on, though, just propped up against the wall, and dresser top. The dresser was covered with all kinds of junk that accumulates, such as papers, bills, a glass lazy-susan that held coins, pens, watches, and miscellaneous items. There was a box of papers, a piggy bank, a belt, some cards…well, the whole top was covered in stuff.

I was sitting in the dining room, doing some scrap booking. The bedroom where the mirror was, was one wall away and in front of me. We have four cats, but they were all sleeping in the far back bedroom. It was quiet in the house…no TV on, no music playing. Suddenly, I hear a terrible crash coming from the bedroom. I went to see what it was. I found that the mirror had fallen onto the carpeted floor, and shattered.

What was so strange was that absolutely nothing in the bedroom or on top of the dresser had been disturbed at all! Not one thing had fallen off to the floor. There was no way the mirror could have just fallen frontwards in the first place, because of all the stuff on the top of the dresser. It couldn’t have slipped from the bottom, either, as it would have knocked off the stuff.

All I can believe, is that somehow, the only way…the only way this happened, was that the mirror levitated itself, going up and over the things, silently, then turned itself sideways to the dresser, then crashed down onto the floor. That’s when I heard the crash! I ran in, and saw it laying on the floor, sideways to the dresser, mirror glass side down…on carpet. The sound of breaking glass had been loud, though!

What is also surprising, is that it did not scare me at all. I was just like, well, gotta clean up the glass shards. I’ve gotten so used to objects flying around the houses I’ve been in, that it has become the normal thing. I had a bit of a time, trying to get that mirror up off the floor, as it was pretty heavy. I couldn’t just lift it up and take it out. I had to drag it all the way through the house and out to the garage. It stayed out there for a long, long time; we just recently got rid of it. Nothing else ever happened with it.

That incident was only one of several, here in this house. I’ll tell more in another post, and also things that happened in other houses I’ve lived in.

Hope your household goods stay put, because mine sure don’t!

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Have you ever felt like an unseen presence was watching you? You get that creepy feeling, maybe your hair stands up on the back of your neck, or you get hyper sensitive of any stealthy noises? Your ears want to hear something, anything, but you don’t…you just feel an overwhelming need to leave where you are. You are being watched. You don’t know who it is…or what it is, but you can sense they are there.

I have had this feeling lots of times. The most frequent was at my Grandma’s house…the one from my previous story. I could feel someone or something watching me in that back bedroom, which was scary, but the strongest feeling of this was in the garage. It was an old wooden and stucco outbuilding, right by the house. It was big enough for one car, and some items hanging on the walls on either side. The floor was just dirt, and there were two doors you’d have to open to get the car inside or out…no automatic garage door on this old place. The whole structure seemed kind of rickety, and there was always a musty smell, of old dirt and car parts. Nothing sinister, just the usual homeowner’s garage filled with tools, and other items.

However, if you went further into the garage, there was another door. Back behind where the car was parked, was a flimsy door. When in that little back room you could feel the weirdness. It didn’t look very strange, just a bunch of canning jars, and miscellaneous stored items, some junk from the house being stored. My cousin and I would always beg to go prowl around in there, though, mainly because it was spooky, and we liked to look at all the stuff.

The very best part, we thought, was an antique trunk. It must have belonged to some long lost relative, I don’t know, but it had all kinds of interesting things in there to look at. There were clothes from a bygone era, mementos, and a strange little box with this person’s hair in it…sort of a long tress of brown and gray, tied with a ribbon. It was fascinating!

Just as we’d get really into our discoveries, though we’d get spooked, because we could definitely feel/sense that we were being watched. Maybe it was the original owner of the trunk, but we never saw anyone…ghost or otherwise. We’d try to stick it out and keep looking, but it never failed, there would come a point where we had to run, run as fast as we could out of there, before the unseen entity grabbed at us.

I went in there lots of times by myself, even when I was told not to, but I couldn’t resist. I never knew what ever happened to that old trunk when my Grandma moved away. Wish I did.

Do you ever get the creepy, being watched feeling?

One more note: Later on, when my Grandma would go out of town, she’d ask me to come over to water plants, get the mail, and just check that all was ok with the house while she was gone. I would do it, but I’ll tell you what…I did it in a hurry, because being in that quiet house all by myself, was almost too much to take. I could feel the watcher’s eyes on me the whole time!

Thanks for reading my true ghost stories! Next time I’ll tell you some things that happened in my own houses over the years!

My Grandma’s Haunted House


My Grandma’s house always had a spooky feeling to it. As a kid, my cousin and I would spend the night over there in the back bedroom…even though we were scared of that room.

It felt like something was watching us from up in the NW corner of the ceiling. One night we heard what we swore were babies crying in the living room, so we sneaked in there to have a look.

The room was dim, but no lights were on. What we saw was the old rocking chair, just rocking back and forth…no one was sitting in it. Could this have been a ghost, rocking a ghost baby? I don’t know, but that is what we believed.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a picture of the house today. It looks like a regular old house, doesn’t it? I don’t know who lives there now, but I always wonder if they have weird things happen in there like we used to, all those years ago. It looks about the same as when my grandparents lived there.

My next post will tell more about the creepy things I felt in and around the garage, which is over to the right, and back a bit.

Hope you’re enjoying hearing about my paranormal experiences! 🙂