Clowns are creepy. Agree? Disagree?

Do you like clowns? Do you love clowns? It seems like it’s a love/hate kind of situation, regarding people’s feelings about them.

Surely, the people who put on a clown’s costume and makeup are regular people…nice people, who like to entertain and make others laugh. Surely…? Why would a sweet, nice person want to scare so many little kids? It happens.

It’s not just clowns in outrageous costumes, though. There are plenty of costumed cartoon characters – representing actual cartoons, fast-food advertisements, car washes, sports team’s mascots, and holiday icons such as the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. They all have over-sized heads, crazy eyes, and giant feet. When these outlandish characters walk or dance around, trying to make kids and adults laugh at their antics, they have a greater probability of making the opposite happen. Don’t they realize this? Can’t they see all the crying children, clinging to their parents? The only way they have to voice their displeasure, is to cry.

My own dislike of clowns came when I was a kid. A clown was mean to me. What he did was probably not on purpose, but it terrified me.

I’d gone on a fun outing with my father, to a local rodeo. Between the bull riding, bronco busting, and calf roping, the rodeo clowns would come out into the arena to perform their clown tricksimagesCALAQLUN…funny, right? Well, this one held something black, white, and furry in his hand, and was slinging it around and around his head. I was sure it was a skunk he had ahold of by the tail.  Then…then…he looks straight at me, up in the seating area, and let go of the ‘skunk’. It flew toward me at lightning speed. I screamed and ducked, spilling my popcorn and coke all over myself.

That was all it took for me to hate clowns, forever after.  I don’t know what he actually threw at me, maybe a towel? I never found out, because we left immediately.

At any rate, I’ll never look at a clown, with that big fake smile, in the same way ever again.

So, what do you think? Clowns…creepy or not?

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  1. I’ve never seen a clown in my whole life, well only on TV. No kidding. I do think Clowns are a little creepy but at the same time, I feel a little sad for the people that have to dress this way to earn a living.

  2. I hope if you ever do see a clown in person, that it is a nice one! Yeah, those big, painted on smiles seem to be hiding something…maybe they are really sad in their life. Who knows? But, hey, a job is a job…and it brings in a paycheck. Just try not to be so scary! 🙂 Thanks again, Y. Zheng, for stopping by my blog!

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