Here is another of my scary bridge stories. I don’t know why bridges scare me, when they look so awesome. Maybe because  they are huge, and most are long, and how can they actually hold up lots of heavy cars?

This bridge is called the Harbor Bridge. It is located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We were living in south Texas, in the town of Sinton, and later in Beeville, which are very close to Corpus Christi. Sometimes, I’d have to drive into the big city, either to see a doctor there, or to just visit the beautiful beach. The main road into the city goes over this bridge. The Harbor Bridge is said to be the second tallest bridge in Texas. It has to be, as big ships sail under it.

I always liked seeing the ships and the beautiful, blue water and the sandy beaches right near it. What I did not like, was driving over it. The road is three lanes of traffic going both directions, with a concrete divider in the middle. What made it scary, was that there was no break-down lane that I could find.

I always thought there should be something off to the right of the road; in case you had car trouble, you could pull over out of the way of the speeding traffic. I was usually going around sixty mph, but everyone else was passing by me even faster. It was nerve wracking enough, to be driving on this tall structure, hoping no one crashed into you, sending you off and into the water below.

There was another way into the city, from the other direction, but was probably twenty miles out of the way. I didn’t care. I’d gotten to the point, where I just couldn’t make myself go on the bridge any more. I’d have panic attacks, just thinking about it. I think the very last time I drove over it, was right before Christmas. It was night-time and foggy, and I was just happy to have made it over without incident. From then on, I took the long way into Corpus Christi.

Here is a picture of the Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, Texas.images

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    • You’re welcome! Just looking at that picture, I can’t believe I actually did drive over it. Gives me the shivers even now. … I hope you don’t have to go over any more scary bridges. 🙂

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