Hey, how much fun did you have over the holiday weekend? Here in the U. S. we celebrate our Independence Day by blowing up things…well, fireworks anyway. We, ourselves, didn’t buy any, but got to see a really good showing of them right here in the neighborhood. The noise was loud, the colors were pretty, and there were lots of big sparkly ones that lit up the dark sky. Off in the distance, we could hear the rumble of lots more. We must have stood out there in the front yard for an hour, oohing and ahhing at them.

Earlier that day, we’d gone to some relatives house to have a cook-out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the trimmings, plus dessert. It was yummy! It was fun to visit with everyone, and got to see my grand-daughter, too! Later on, that afternooon, I made a potato salad to share with neighbors, while they shared the bbq meat, and all was very good.

Then sometime during the night, after we’d gone to bed, our air conditioner blew up…well, not literally, but it did quit working. It blew the fuse in the mechanism out there. We replaced the fuse the next morning, and it blew it again. So, off we went to the home improvement store, to ask about getting a new system installed. Hmm, no problem…we just have to wait till Monday, because, you know, holiday weekend and all.

Yeah, Texas in the summer…it is hot…so hot. You really don’t want to spend the weekend without air-conditioning in your house, but that is what we had to do. We did have a couple of fans, and that has helped. The cats, in their fur coats, didn’t appreciate the situation either.

So, today is Monday, and we have a person coming over to give an estimate. I am thinking, he will probably have to order the A/C system from somewhere, and we’ll have to wait until it comes in, before it can be installed…on another day. Meanwhile, we are still sweating here in the house…average temperature at 90 degrees F.

Anyway, that’s how our 4th of July weekend went. How about yours?

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