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Have you ever seen a normal household object in your house fly through the air on it’s own? I have on many occasions. As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the paranormal realm. I know there are many unexplainable occurances in the world, and I really believe they are from another dimension, or a parallel universe, or even outer space.

With this post, I’ll begin relating some of my most memorable experiences with the supernatural.


Flying objects have been pretty consistant in my experience. First at my grandma’s house, then in my own homes.  My grandmother was the 13th child in her family. When I was growing up, she lived around the corner from us – the adddress was 1313 xyz Street. Her house was haunted. I don’t know if all the 13 numbers had anything to do with it, but it did make it more interesting.

On many occasions, when I was at her house, just sitting there in the living room, things would fly off the coffee table for no reason we could see. Things like a candy dish, a magazine, or an ashtray would slide, jump, or fly off it. We did not make this happen. We didn’t know when it would happen, it just did. It got pretty commonplace to see this happening off and on through the years.

I know there were unseen entities in that house. We could feel their presence, and see what they did. I never actually saw an apparition, but did see things move about, and hear strange noises there. Later on, my grandma moved into another house, taking some of her furniture with her. That coffee table was one of the pieces she kept. I think something was attached to it and came along to the new place, because the occurances of flying objects continued there, also.

My aunt still has that coffee table in her house, now. I took a picture of it recently, but didn’t see anything strange about it. I know it has secrets, though. It is off to the left, in front of the dustcloth covered couch.

In future posts, I will tell of more flying objects I’ve seen…at her house, and at my own house! I will, also tell more true stories of my encounters with the paranormal.

Have you had any weird experiences like this? What are your thoughts on the unexplained? I’d love to hear your stories!

haunted coffee table

haunted coffee table





Written by John Man

Copywrite – John Man

First Published in 1987

Viking Penguin, Inc.

This book is one of my all time favorites. I’ve read it at least once a year since I first found it in a library. I now own a copy. If you like true stories of survival against tremendous odds, especially by women, this is one of the best that has been documented.


Jan Little was handicapped with poor hearing and eyesight. She managed to get into college on a disability program, and drew social security checks. After an affair ended, she gave birth to a daughter, Rebecca. The father did not want anything more to do with Jan or the child.

Wanting more for her and her daughter’s life, she moved them to Mexico. She had a taste for adventure, and yearned for some land to homestead on. She thought she could find it there. She was doing all right for being sole provider for her daughter, but had yet to find her dream. Then she met Harry Little.

Harry Little was an a self-proclaimed naturalist, and adventurer, as he travelled around South America, documenting the lifestyles of the native Indians of Brazil. When he offered both marriage, and homesteading to Jan, she didn’t hesitate. They began their life together by travelling down the rivers of the Amazon jungle, by boat. It was not easy, but theyuntitled finally settled on a nice piece of land, miles from civilization. They set up a camp, and planted a huge garden. Jan even befriended a small monkey, they then kept as a pet.

As time went on, there were many difficulties to overcome. Harry was becoming more and more eccentric, and he and Jan were at odds with each other on many occasions. Jan’s hearing and eyesight were gradually getting worse,  until she basically could see nothing. Then tragedy struck.

How Jan managed, is detailed in this book. A harrowing look at what she had to do to survive, is detailed in a way that keeps you turning the page. It is a book/story that will remain in your thoughts for a long, long time. Photographs and maps are included.

This book has been out of print for a long time, but I did find it on Amazon. If you get a chance to read “The Survival of Jan Little”, you won’t be disappointed.




Clowns are creepy. Agree? Disagree?

Do you like clowns? Do you love clowns? It seems like it’s a love/hate kind of situation, regarding people’s feelings about them.

Surely, the people who put on a clown’s costume and makeup are regular people…nice people, who like to entertain and make others laugh. Surely…? Why would a sweet, nice person want to scare so many little kids? It happens.

It’s not just clowns in outrageous costumes, though. There are plenty of costumed cartoon characters – representing actual cartoons, fast-food advertisements, car washes, sports team’s mascots, and holiday icons such as the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. They all have over-sized heads, crazy eyes, and giant feet. When these outlandish characters walk or dance around, trying to make kids and adults laugh at their antics, they have a greater probability of making the opposite happen. Don’t they realize this? Can’t they see all the crying children, clinging to their parents? The only way they have to voice their displeasure, is to cry.

My own dislike of clowns came when I was a kid. A clown was mean to me. What he did was probably not on purpose, but it terrified me.

I’d gone on a fun outing with my father, to a local rodeo. Between the bull riding, bronco busting, and calf roping, the rodeo clowns would come out into the arena to perform their clown tricksimagesCALAQLUN…funny, right? Well, this one held something black, white, and furry in his hand, and was slinging it around and around his head. I was sure it was a skunk he had ahold of by the tail.  Then…then…he looks straight at me, up in the seating area, and let go of the ‘skunk’. It flew toward me at lightning speed. I screamed and ducked, spilling my popcorn and coke all over myself.

That was all it took for me to hate clowns, forever after.  I don’t know what he actually threw at me, maybe a towel? I never found out, because we left immediately.

At any rate, I’ll never look at a clown, with that big fake smile, in the same way ever again.

So, what do you think? Clowns…creepy or not?



Here is another little story I wrote using the words from the online scrabble game “Words With Friends”. The words in bold are the words that were played on the game board. Hope you enjoy it!


They were modern day hobos, Quin and Helio. They always figured it would be fun to go on a tear, and join in the weekly races held in their little country town. The thing was, everyone knew them.

They’d been friends since childhood, always together, getting into all kinds of zany situations. Once upon a time, the older generation teased them, called them dotty, which maybe they were, but then, they didn’t care. They’d just laugh it off.

So, it was decided. They both took plenty of vitamins in the days before the race. They wanted to look hep, so they put on their fake furs and top hats, and stood in a row at the starting line.

The ref nudged the judge. “Look at them, the judge said. “I’d trade jobs with you, if I could.”

Ley, you’re too anal for my job. You’d tag the wrong one, before the ink is even dry on the entry form.”

Si, you have a point, Baal,” said Ley. They both laughed.

“But, what if you put a hex on them? When they get to mid point, they’ll probably shed those furs. They can vie it out better.”

“Don’t nag me, Ley. I’ll do it. I’m gonna make Quin veer off course. He will trip over his own feet, fall and skin his knee. It will ooze blood. We will rush him to the ER, and he will feel woe at that time. It’ll teach those two fakers a lesson. Don’t put on airs in this town – we know who you really are.”

“Ah,” said Ley, “very good. Shall we start the races?”

Baal nodded and smiled, as he shot the starter gun into the sky.




Here is another of my scary bridge stories. I don’t know why bridges scare me, when they look so awesome. Maybe because  they are huge, and most are long, and how can they actually hold up lots of heavy cars?

This bridge is called the Harbor Bridge. It is located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We were living in south Texas, in the town of Sinton, and later in Beeville, which are very close to Corpus Christi. Sometimes, I’d have to drive into the big city, either to see a doctor there, or to just visit the beautiful beach. The main road into the city goes over this bridge. The Harbor Bridge is said to be the second tallest bridge in Texas. It has to be, as big ships sail under it.

I always liked seeing the ships and the beautiful, blue water and the sandy beaches right near it. What I did not like, was driving over it. The road is three lanes of traffic going both directions, with a concrete divider in the middle. What made it scary, was that there was no break-down lane that I could find.

I always thought there should be something off to the right of the road; in case you had car trouble, you could pull over out of the way of the speeding traffic. I was usually going around sixty mph, but everyone else was passing by me even faster. It was nerve wracking enough, to be driving on this tall structure, hoping no one crashed into you, sending you off and into the water below.

There was another way into the city, from the other direction, but was probably twenty miles out of the way. I didn’t care. I’d gotten to the point, where I just couldn’t make myself go on the bridge any more. I’d have panic attacks, just thinking about it. I think the very last time I drove over it, was right before Christmas. It was night-time and foggy, and I was just happy to have made it over without incident. From then on, I took the long way into Corpus Christi.

Here is a picture of the Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, Texas.images



Just wanted to give an update since the last post.

Our air conditioner went out on the 4th of July.

Today, we are finally cooling off.

Yes, the weekend, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we melted.

The air conditioner guys came to put in a new system, early this morning.

They worked very hard, sweating in this hot house, all day.

The unit finally was turned on this afternoon about 5:00 p.m.

We are getting cool air, again!

I will not take air conditioning for granted again.

May we all be cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Peace, Love, & Light!




Hey, how much fun did you have over the holiday weekend? Here in the U. S. we celebrate our Independence Day by blowing up things…well, fireworks anyway. We, ourselves, didn’t buy any, but got to see a really good showing of them right here in the neighborhood. The noise was loud, the colors were pretty, and there were lots of big sparkly ones that lit up the dark sky. Off in the distance, we could hear the rumble of lots more. We must have stood out there in the front yard for an hour, oohing and ahhing at them.

Earlier that day, we’d gone to some relatives house to have a cook-out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the trimmings, plus dessert. It was yummy! It was fun to visit with everyone, and got to see my grand-daughter, too! Later on, that afternooon, I made a potato salad to share with neighbors, while they shared the bbq meat, and all was very good.

Then sometime during the night, after we’d gone to bed, our air conditioner blew up…well, not literally, but it did quit working. It blew the fuse in the mechanism out there. We replaced the fuse the next morning, and it blew it again. So, off we went to the home improvement store, to ask about getting a new system installed. Hmm, no problem…we just have to wait till Monday, because, you know, holiday weekend and all.

Yeah, Texas in the summer…it is hot…so hot. You really don’t want to spend the weekend without air-conditioning in your house, but that is what we had to do. We did have a couple of fans, and that has helped. The cats, in their fur coats, didn’t appreciate the situation either.

So, today is Monday, and we have a person coming over to give an estimate. I am thinking, he will probably have to order the A/C system from somewhere, and we’ll have to wait until it comes in, before it can be installed…on another day. Meanwhile, we are still sweating here in the house…average temperature at 90 degrees F.

Anyway, that’s how our 4th of July weekend went. How about yours?



Someone asked about bridges the other day, so it got me to thinking of the ones I’ve come across (pun intended).:)

I’d say the first bridge I can remember hearing about was not a real, in this world, bridge. It was in a story book for children. The story was “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” in a Rand McNally and Company Book. It was adapted from a Norwegian folk tale by Alice O’Grady and Frances Throop.

The story goes…there were three little goats who wanted to cross the bridge to eat the green grass on the other side. However, a mean troll lived under the bridge, and challenged them whenever they started to cross. The goats were afraid of the troll, but in the end, they tricked the troll, and were able to go across.

I had this story read to me so many times, I memorized it word for word, even before I could read. In fact, I still have this very same book, all these years later. So, now I’m thinking, that story was kind of scary for little kids, what with the mean old troll…guess that was the first time I’d heard of trolls, too. Now I hear of online trolls…still obnoxious, like in the story book.

Before I get off on a whole other tangent about scary childhood stories, let me get back on track with the bridges. Scary fairy tales and nursery rhymes will be for another day.

Here’s a bridge story I remember…

On a hot, steamy summer day, out in the east Texas Piney Woods, me, my mother-in-law, and I believe it was her sister, went driving down an old, overgrown road. It didn’t look like anyone had been down this road in ages, as the lush, green trees and bushes had grown up, almost covering the dirt road. Why were we out there, driving around in the woods? My mother-in-law wanted to show me where she once lived, somewhere in the area. Anyway, we were enjoying the ride, even though it was so hot out. I was not used to all this greenery, and steamy atmosphere, at all. Being from west Texas, where it is hot, but dry and dusty, was my regular habitat.

Soon, we came to this old, decrepit, wooden bridge. It was spanning what was called Scatter Creek. We stopped right before going over it, just to take a better look at the thing. It didn’t look very safe, at all. It was old, there were gaps in the wooden planks, and looked rickety. We debated whether to go on across…I mean, it was made for cars to cross over, but it had certainly been a long time since anyone had tried it, I’m sure. We all got out of the car, to have a closer look. Then we just walked across.

It held us up, so why not try it in the car? I can’ believe we actually did this! So giggling at the crazy situation, we did drive across the bridge…very slow, listening to the creaking timbers, all the while praying we wouldn’t break the bridge. Whew! We’d made it across.

I have no remembrance of seeing where Mom used to live. I don’t even remember how we got back to the main highway to go home. Now, it is just  one fun/scary story we’ve told over and over through the years.

I’ll tell another scary bridge story real soon! Hope you enjoyed this one!