What is it with bananas these days? Has anyone else noticed how unreliable they’ve become? It’s like something has infiltrated the banana farms…or is it banana groves, or maybe plantations?

I know they are cut off the stalk of the tree before they are ripe. Shipping them early, still green, and under refrigeration, is the best way to get them to market, as they are perishable. Most are still unripe that I see on the produce shelves at the store. It finishes the ripening process in the comfort of the grocery, or on our kitchen cabinets. If they were ripe when harvested, they’d be over ripe or rotten in a very few days.

This is all a pretty normal way of exporting fruit to other countries, no matter what type of fruit it is. The problem, though is that something strange is happening to the insides of the banana. I find that when I peel open one and cut into it, it is rotten anyway. Even if it looks perfect on the outside, the inside center is sometimes already molded, the seeds are larger than normal, and so hard you could break a tooth on one.

Now, if I want to eat one, I have to cut down the sides of the banana, leaving the center part and seeds behind…which is a pain in the ‘behind’ (pun intended) much trouble for such a simple fruit, don’t you think?

When we lived in south Texas, we had a banana tree in our back yard. Well, we called it a tree, because it was so tall, but I’ve since learned, it is not a tree, but an herb. It does not have a ‘true’ tree trunk.

Our banana tree was awesome! I’d never seen one before, and it was taller than the house. The dark green leaves were huge, and I loved listening to them rustle in the breeze. We’d go out every morning and cut off a banana bunch on it’s stalk for our breakfast. They were a bit smaller than what you’d find at the store, but oh, so much better. Plus, it was fun to have them right outside the back door.

One time we’d brought in some, and a green snake fell out of the stalk/bunch. It was wiggling all over the kitchen floor. Of course, the kids and I ran screaming into the back bedroom where we hid, until my husband caught the snake and put it back outside.

Then, on a rare occasion, we had an overnight freeze. Our banana tree was gone…it had frozen and toppled over into the yard. We sure did miss having our fresh bananas, after that.

So anyway, I wish bananas would be like they used to be, because they are my favorite fruit.

Do you have any banana stories? Do you find them to be weird now? I’d love to hear about your banana experiences. 🙂

I have another banana story I’ll write about soon…


Peace, Love, & Writing!

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  1. Have never had a true “fresh” banana. Feel like I am missing out on something now. Wonder if I can talk DB into taking me somewhere tropical so I can live life to it’s fullest! 😉

  2. You should totally try a fresh picked banana, Kelly! The one we had was in Sinton, TX, not far from Corpus Christi. I’m sure you could find some down that way! 🙂 Go Tropical!!!

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