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When you ride your horse to the grocery store, do you have trouble finding a parking spot?

If you live in my city, you won’t have any problems. The local grocery store has provided a hitching post for shopper’s convenience.  Now you have a special place to leave your horse, while you shop.

The hitching post is on a grassy area right next to the car parking lot. It isn’t unusual to see people riding their horses down the street, or around Imagethe playa lake by our house. It’s no different, seeing a horse patiently waiting, there at the grocery store hitching post.

So get your boots on, saddle up, and ride on over. For a closer look at how a modern city keeps it’s ties with the old west, watch a short video and learn how it all came about.



So, we were in a restaurant the other day, when in walked a lady wearing ‘cat ears’…and they were moving up and down, and rotating, it seemed, without her touching them. She was alone, and looked to be in her twenties. After ordering her meal, she found a table to sit at, and began reading a book, or maybe playing a game on her ipad.

At another table, a group of ladies were curious about the cat ears, so one went over to ask about them. The cat ear lady got up, went over to the group table, where she was very happy to be demonstrating and explaining how they worked.

Of course, we could overhear parts of the conversation, with words like ‘I’m a geek’, and ‘the ears move with my brain waves’. Anyway, we finished eating, and had to leave. Later, I looked online to find out more about the ‘brainwave cat ears’ for humans.

As I’d never seen or heard of them before, I was surprised to find out that they are quite popular, especially with those people who participate in Cosplay, and also are purchased for costume parties, and general good fun. The ears are about 5″ tall and are made of fluffy, fake fur. They are attached to a headband, there is a small battery pack, and two sensors. One sensor touches your forehead, the other clips to one ear, and they are easily hidden by your hair.

The idea is that the sensors pick up electrical signals from your brain, causing the ears to move in several positions according to your mood…happy, excited, resting, and surprised. Experiments were done with volunteers to see if their emotions during the testing matched the ears movements…and they did.

The Neurowear company launched this product in Japan in 2012, calling it “Necomimi” which means ‘cat ears’. They sell for around $60 to $100, and you can also buy more ears to switch from cats, to foxes, dogs, and even devil horns. Of the reviews I read, there were only a couple of drawbacks…these being that the headband is small and not very adjustable, and that they are easily broken (it was not recommended for kids, because of this).

Would you like to wear ‘cat ears’ that show your moods…in public? I’m just silly enough, that I sure would…if not for the cost. Maybe I’ll put them on my wish list!

For a really cute video showing what the “Brainwave Cat Ears” are like you can see it here…the music is annoying, but it was really fun to watch! Image 




Here it is the month of May already. April flew by in a flash, thanks to my participation in the Blog Challenge. I’d just learned of the challenge shortly before it began, so I signed up not one, but two blogs. Yes, I jumped in with both feet blogs…one I’d posted on pretty regular, the other almost brand new. There were a few kinks to work out, and I received excellent set up tips from some very kind bloggers. I’d like to thank the founder of A to Z Blog Challenge, Arlee Bird, for his most encouraging words, and for creating this most amazing challenge. Thanks also, to Sue ( for your helpful tips, and continued support, and thanks to anxiousgeek (the for stopping by with technical knowledge. I appreciate you all.

The challenge was lots of fun…the writing and posting of a subject for each letter, each day. I didn’t have much trouble thinking of something to write about…in fact, most letters, I had too many ideas. I probably will continue awhile with them, just because I’ve enjoyed it, and since most were taken from some personal experience, it brought back great memories.

Since the challenge ended, I’ve been feeling a bit at loose ends. What do I do now? I really liked the challenging aspect of a deadline. Knowing I had to publish something every single day, was just what I needed. I will certainly be accepting the challenge next year.

The best part, for me, was realizing that people were actually reading my blog! Thank you to all who took the time to visit here, to make comments, to follow, and to say you liked what I have been doing. You all have given me a great boost in confidence! I so appreciate you! I also enjoyed getting to read other bloggers entries, and will try to continue  to visit and comment on yours and others I’ve seen on the list for the challenge.

I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge this year. Yay for us…we did it!

Thank you so much! Until we meet again in blogland…all my best to you!

Peace, Love, & WritingImage  



I just wanted to take this time to say “Thank You” to everyone who visited here during the A to Z Blog Challenge! To those who were participating, and to those who were not, I appreciate that you were kind enough to stop here for a few minutes, to read and maybe leave a comment. You are all awesome!

I had just started out on this blog when I heard about the challenge. Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and provided helpful tips on how to work out some kinks in setting up a few things.

As a result of participating in the challenge, I was fortunate to have met some sweet and talented bloggers. I will look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Best wishes!