Take out a nice piece of stationery and a pen. Get comfortable. You are going to write a letter. Take your time transferring your thoughts onto the paper. Is it a love letter you are writing? Are you writing to a far away relative, letting them know how your family is doing? Whatever form your letter takes, you are continuing a long tradition of communication.

In this age of the fast paced, immediate way of sharing your ideas with others via the internet, on FaceBook, Twitter and emails, actual letter writing is now a rarity. However, there is something satisfying about writing, sending, and receiving personal, handwritten letters.

Don’t you secretely hope, when you check your mailbox, that there will be a letter or card from a friend or loved one? Why don’t we write more letters the ‘old fashioned’ way? Is it because the price of stamps have gone up? Is it because it takes several days for a letter to arrive?

Have you saved your love letters in a packet, tied with a ribbon? Have you treasured old letters you’ve found from a long gone relative? What will future generations have to remember our past thoughts, hopes, family news, and celebrations?

They will only have electronic missives, that are there on your computer, yet not there…just lost in the thousands of other emails and direct messages. Why don’t we all try writing actual letters again. Find some pretty or cute paper, add some stickers, maybe a card, use your imagination to make it personal.

Surprise someone with a letter in their mailbox. I can assure you, they will smile. Maybe the next time you open your own mailbox, you will be happily surprised.Image

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