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Today’s letter is………….U

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We visited the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico, a few years ago. It was during the annual 4th of July UFO Festival. The city is geared up for a good time. There are street vendors, concerts, and some people even wear funny costumes.

The museum is a cool place to wander around in. There are displays of actual newspapers from 1947, telling of the UFO crash, investigation, and possible cover-up by the government. You can see set up displays, depicting what happened. There is art, and photo opportunities everywhere in the building. You can even pose in the many scenes, with the aliens, which in this case, are rubber dummys. It’s all in fun, and the kitschy displays are funny. There is a gift shop, also, where you can buy all things alien related.

They also had invited several authors to the museum for book signings and sales. At another venue, there were many more authors set up, signing their books, and visiting with the people who came by. There were several scheduled speakers in the auditorium.

We didn’t stay for the night-time festivities, but there are bands playing music, street dances, and I’m sure everyone had fun. So, whether you believe in UFOs, aliens, or not, Roswell and the UFO museum and festival, is a wonderful place to spend some time, if you get the chance.

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Today’s letter is………….T

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Ring, ring, ring….”Hello?”

“Hi, I’m calling from xyz company. It’s your lucky day! You’ve won the chance to buy a wonderful discount coupon book.”

“No, thanks.”

“Who was it?”

“Another one of those telemarketers!”

How do you feel about telemarketers? They’re annoying, right? They call at all hours, interrupting people’s days, and dinners. Most are trying to sell you something, or maybe asking for a donation to a charity.

The telemarketers talk fast. It’s hard to respond, even to tell them ‘no thanks’. They try to make what they are offering sound like something you really need…or maybe that you’ve been selected for a special prize. They want to make a sale, and try to keep you on the line long enough to convince you to buy.

What do you do? Do you politely say ‘no thank you’, then hang up? Do you make an ugly, mean comment and then slam down the phone, or end the call abruptly? Do you insult the telemarketer, just for doing their job?

I know all the above happens all the time. I have been that person, doing that job. Yes, I was a telemarketer. I loved it, and I was good at it.

My adventures in telemarketing goes way back. It started with discount savings booklets, and ended with making appointments for salespersons to come give an estimate on house siding and remodeling.

Those phone calls were so much fun to make. I suppose it gave me a thick skin, learning to deal with rude remarks. You name it, I’ve heard it. Why do people feel it is ok to be rude to someone on the phone? Is it bacause they can’t be seen? I don’t know, but I was never tempted to be rude back to them. In fact, if they didn’t slam the phone down, I could sometimes break through their rant, and actually turn it around, making a sale.

I usually did have a script to read from, to impart the necesssary information, but beyond that, I could ad lib whatever I wanted. I enjoyed the conversations I’d have with people, even if it wasn’t work related, and even if it didn’t end in a sale. But, lots of times it did. The script gets boring saying it over and over all day long. I know I’d try to hurry through, before the person hung up on me. If I could get it all in, then the fun would be in the ad libs, and genuine conversation. That is the real selling skill you need…not just in the facts. I surprised myself with being able to do this. Maybe it is because of the anonimity of not being face to face.

Now that I think of it, it’s a bit like the social media is today. You are able to converse, to sell your ideas to others, in order to have followers and maybe the snippets of conversation lets you get to know someone a little better. To me, that is why I enjoy social media. So, back to telemarketing…there is a short window of time when Imageyou are waiting for a person to answer their phone. I sometimes used that time to write…just a little at a time, in between the calls. I wrote lots of short pieces of fiction this way. Only once was I told to put it away. I suppose most employers didn’t mind, as long as we made sales…and I did.

The atmosphere in the call room was fun, too. We all laughed and joked, and ate snacks. There were contests run by the boss. We would get bonuses and prizes and such, for making the most sales in a thirty or sixty minute period of time. Yes, we were getting our job done, and it was fun at the same time.

So now, when a telemarketer calls our house, I’m not rude to them, and I don’t just hang up. I sometimes get a conversation going, telling them up front that I won’t be buying what they are selling, but I enjoyed talking to them, and that they are doing a great job.

Next time you get a call, just remember…the telemarketer is usually a really nice person, just doing their job.

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Hi, again! Sorry everyone…on the post for the letter R “Radio Love” I forgot to put in the phonetic alphabet the word for the letter L…and it is “Lima”. (not real sure how to edit the post) so, just letting everyone know! ūüôā




Today’s letter is….S

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Picture this…Your antagonist is staring at you with his four eyes. He waves his eight legs around, maybe scuttling back and forth. He has fangs that can inject venom. He can jump up to 50 times his body length. The female of some species of this adversary eat the male, after mating. He is a predator in every sense of the word.

However, you are a giant. You tower over your enemy. You have weapons of mass destruction near at hand. You have the advantage in this battle. What are you going to do? If you are like most people, you run screaming out of sight of your enemy.

This sounds like a good beginning to a horror movie, and the movie industry has taken full advantage over people’s fear of spiders. Arachnophobia…the abnormal fear of spiders, is a well know fact. The movies go to great lengths to perpetuate the notion that spiders are evil, bad guys, who are all out to get us humans. I love a good horror movie or book, even about spiders, but a real live spider is not evil at all. He is not going to come after you. If he is cornered, he will put up a defense, but mostly they just want to get away from us. And they have good reason to fear humans. We tend to stomp on them, or smash them, or spray them with deadly chemicals. We are the bullys, not the spiders.

In fact, spiders are very beneficial. They eat insects that are harmful, like mosquitos and flies. They spin beautiful, strong, silk webs with their spinnerets, that even medical and science are researching for their strength.

There are a few spiders that do deserve their scary reputation. The brown recluse, the black widow, and the funnel web spider. Their venom is powerful, but they do not bite unless surprised, disturbed, or attacked.

I like spiders. Granted, I don’t want to get bitten by one, but I won’t kill one, either. I don’t go screaming in fright. I look at them, I talk to them, I move most of them back outside, if they’ve gotten into the house. I’ve even named a few…like “Little Feller”.

He was a fairly small one, who lived in my bedroom for a long time. His little web was on a book shelf. I’d walk by and ask how he was doing. Then, one day we were taking down the shelf for some reason, so I carefully took Little Feller outside to seek his fortune elsewhere. I kind of miss him.

The picture below, is one I took of a nice spider I saw in my bathroom one day. He sat on his perch and watched me put hair coloring on my hair. We had a nice visit. I guess he was interested in the process. Afterward, I scooped him up in a cup, and relocated him outside. I wonder what he told his friends about the crazy woman who talked to him?

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Today’s letter is….R


Do you still listen to the radio? Sometimes I wonder, because lots of people use their phones, or iPods, or computers to download a favorite song to listen to. I still use the radio, and take my chances on what song I’ll hear. If I really like a song, I will purchase it from iTunes for my computer.

I’ve always had a love for actual radios. the small transistor radios, especially. I got my first one for my birthday, when I was eleven. I loved tuning in the stations with the little dial, to bring in my favorite stations. I’d even stay awake late at night, just to hear stations from far away, as reception is better at night.

Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed listening to all types of radios. The transistor, of course, and now I have and listen to my police scanner, on which I can hear calls to and from the dispatcher, fire department calls, ambulance calls, and airport notices. After awhile I was able to understand the call signals, the communication codes, and the phonetic alphabet.

Another type of radio I have, is the shortwave radio. On this one I can tune in to countries beyond the United States. One of my favorites to listen to is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (ABC), early on Saturday mornings.

I do have walkie-talkies (a type of two-way radio), and am learning how to use them. Also, I have the hand crank, emergency radio, that doesn’t even need a battery!

So, as you can see, for me, radios are still a fun medium for me to listen to and enjoy.

Here is the phonetic alphabet. Can you find how to say your name? Mine is…Bravo, Alpha, Romeo, Bravo, Alpha, Romeo, Alpha!

A = Alpha                                                        N = November

B = Bravo                                                        O = Oscar

C = Charlie                                                      P = Papa

D = Delta                                                        Q = Quebec

E = Echo                                                         R = Romeo

F = Foxtrot                                                     S = Sierra

G = Golf                                                         T = Tango

H = Hotel                                                      U = Uniform

I = India                                                         V = Victor

J = Juliett                                                       W = Whiskey

K = Kilo                                                          X = Xray

M = Mike                                                       Y = Yankee

                                                                        Z = Zulu


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