Todays letter………………O

It was a beautiful fall day, that September 1, 1972. My husband and I were living in Germany, courtesy of the Army, at the time. We’d been invited, by friends, to attend the Olympics, which were being held in Munich. They had tickets to see some events, but had no one to babysit their little girl…a few months old…could we come and watch her for them, while they went into the Olympic Staduim. We could, and we just walked around the grounds, enjoying the sights.

As we walked along, with the baby in one of the back carriers for little ones, a person came up to us, handed us a couple of tickets, and said they couldn’t stay to attend the event. We could have their tickets, if we wanted them, at no cost. Well, ok, this is cool, we thought. We hurried over to the stadium, and got to see some of the track and field competitions. There was a huge crowd making lots of noise, but we found a seat. Afterwards, we met up with our friends, went to eat in another huge food area, bought some souvenirs, then drove back home, to Furth/Nuremberg.

Little did we know, that less than one week later, the world would be shocked at what happened on September 5-6, 1972, right there in the Olympic Village, close to where we’d just been.

The Palestinian group, Black September, took hostages of the Israeli Olympic athletes, and others, and ultimately massacred all seventeen of them.

For a more in-depth accounting of these events, go to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_massacre

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  1. wow-that you were there. I was 8 and remember this so vividly. I thought the man with the mask on the balcony was pure evil and I knew the people would be killed. I recall Jim McKay delivering the news. It was very sad and upsetting. Very good that you still have the tickets and some old pics

    • Thank you, Birgit! Yes, that picture of the masked man on the balcony, is one I’ll never forget. Such a horrifying tragedy. After we’d gone to the Olympics, that day, we went to Dachau (the concentration camp). It is a memorial,now, to all the people that were exterminated there,.We got to see the gas chambers, and see pictures of those poor people. You could feel the opressive sadness of the place.

  2. How interesting you have attended an Olympic Games…and one of such historic and horrific significance. I enjoyed seeing your photos and ticket stub….you looked very American in your Mickey Mouse shirt. Thanks for visiting my fiction from forgotten fotos post.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

    • Hi, Sue! Thanks for visiting and your comment! Guess you could say I’ve seen and been a lot of interesting places, as a military family, now retired, we did live in some places where we could feel the history of the area, and also attend things we’d not have had a chance to, otherwise. Oh, the T-shirt…I thought I was pretty cool wearing that, back then…haha, I don’t think I’ve changed much in the years since, though! I did find and follow your awesome blog! I love old pictures, and history, and the way you’ve combined them into interesting stories, is awesome! Thanks again, and all my best to you!

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