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I really do like notebooks. I have a lot of notebooks. I’ve written in lots of notebooks.

Ahhh…the thrill of getting those new school supplies each year. You may not have been happy about the end of summer vacation, but, oh what fun it was to shop for the things you needed for the new school year.

There was always a list of items to have, for your grade level, which included the basics. For the primary grades, of course, were the crayons, with their waxy smell that promised lots of amazing pictures to be drawn and colored, the small safety scissors, the glue, a pencil or two, and a tablet to write on. In the higher grades, however, you got…the notebook! The three-ring binder, and the filler paper to go inside, was a big step up.

You’d spend a lot of time , looking for just the right one. You wanted to be cool and trendy…not just any one would do. Some were plain colors, some had cute pictures on the front, and then, there were the plastic pocket ones…the ones where you could insert a picture of your choosing inside. If you wanted a picture of a rock star, you just cut one out of a teen magazine to put inside the clear pocket. Other times, you might want a cute animal picture, or a real snapshot. It was ‘your’ notebook, and it let everyone know your interests.

Then a new fad came along. It was the ‘Nifty Notebook’. In the 1960’s it was the one everyone wanted. Instead of the three rings to hold your paper, it featured two posts that snapped together with a magnetized lid (which also could hold a pen or pencil inside). You had to buy special, two holes at the top paper for it. Mine was blue!

There many types of notebooks to choose from. Some, as I’ve mentioned, and some that are spirals, composition, Trapper Keepers, assignments, steno, and all kinds of journals and diarys.

Notebooks are useful in so many ways – just plain Nifty!

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  1. I still like notebooks and use them rather than the computer-it is at my grasp and I don’t have to turn anything on and then look for it. I will still search for the nice blue ones since blue is my favourite colour


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