Monthly Archives: February 2014



Well, well…I found my WordPress blog again! Not sure how that happened, but here I am! Now what? I need to look around the dashboard thing, I suppose. I’ll play around with it, see if I can get an understanding of what is what on here.

Haha it has been so long since I did anything on here, I had to find what little notebook I’d written some instructions down in. And believe me, I have soooo many little notebooks! You should see me frantically flipping those pages, scanning all the notes I write, to find the page I want. As the old joke goes, it is always in the last place you look!;-)

I need to figure out what is a widget…is that what they are called? Or catagory…or how to put a picture on here…well, lots of stuff. I’m not even sure what kind of blog this will be…I had something in mind a long time ago, but have done that on my other blog over on Blogspot…which you can find at …so at this point, I will just write whatever comes to mind on this one.

So, if anyone is reading this, bear with me …it is definitely a learning process.

Until later….Peace and Love!